What She Tackles She Conquers!

As a business owner, every day I learn more and more about running a successful business, being a good leader, and better ways to serve my clients.  There is not a day that goes by where I am not learning something new.  I absolutely love that about my job!  Every day is a different, yet rewarding challenge!

This weekend I learned something about being able to unwind from work.  This has not been my strong suit!  An ideal way for me to unwind, in the words of my boyfriend, is to pour champagne and tackle my inbox.  This, sweet friends, is not okay.  

On Sunday I took a "me" day.  I didn't check my email.  I didn't check my Instagram.  I spent quality time with loved ones and was intentional with my time.  And it was amazing!  I am not going to lie, I was briefly mad at myself.  I was mad that I wasn't working - that my inbox was at 85 - and that I hadn't posted a blog or Instagram.  You know what?  Taking time away (even 24 hours!) makes me want to conquer my projects harder.  It makes me more fired up on a Monday morning to tackle my to-do list.  Being able to take a day to rest makes me a better fit for my clients.  And it even makes me celebrate the little wins in my business that much more.  

True story - - I still celebrate the little wins each and every day.  Let's use today, for example, Essie Polish used one of my styled photos (using their products) on their Instagram page and my followers grew by 250 in about 5 minutes (and it is still growing to this very second!).  For those of you who don't know, Essie has 1.1 million followers!  Now, I am not one to judge a boss lady by her social media following, but those extra 250 followers are everything to me.  Those are 250 people who are new to my shop, my services, and my lifestyle.  One of these 250 new followers could end up being a potential client or POSH PR doll.  What she tackles, she conquers...  

I just love this quote.  What she tackles, she conquers.  For me, I have learned this over the past few months: the best way to be the most fired up about conquering a project or a task is to take the time to rest first!  With a clear mind and heart - - your work will be more intentional, your clients will see it and appreciate it!