Best Of 2015!

According to Instagram, these are the BEST and "most liked" images from 2015 shared by The Caroline Doll.  It is so interesting to see what images capture your hearts the most!

I have to admit, these are definitely some of my favorites, too!  What I love most about these images is that they represent my heart and all the things that I love.  

They say that most businesses fail within the first few years of origination.  I truly believe this is due to the disconnect between the business owner and their ideal client.  Let me explain, when POSH PR was first developed my brand did NOT look like it does now!  I was trying to be like everyone else.  Also, my services were focused strongly on PR + Sales and I truly never thought I would be the designer, stylist and wedding planner I am today.  Being authentic and making the decision to NOT be afraid of what others thought anymore turned this little business (that began as a hobby!) into a career. Conforming to my potential client and understanding their needs (and how to attract my ideal client!) also added to the success.  This directly boosted my overall happiness with my career and caused me to truly work with clients that are like me!  Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, right?  Totally living the dream right now!

Looking at these images is so rewarding to me.  They represent growth, strength, and overcoming fears.  To see that I am no longer afraid of what others think of my "pink girly glam" is a very liberating feeling!

Dolls - - if you take one thing from ANY of this rambling (hehe!) stay true to yourself and you have no competition!  Trust me, you've got this!

PS: Thank you for believing in me and this dream of mine! 




IMAGE 1: Cupcake Party! That was so much fun!

IMAGE 2: Sneak peek of our advertorial photo shoot at Quirk Hotel!  I am SO excited for this to be featured in Richmond Weddings Magazine this month!

IMAGE 3: Current Desk Situation!

IMAGE 4: Morning desk style with glitter donuts!

IMAGE 5: Wrapping presents like a pro!

IMAGE 6: Under the Christmas tree with my favorite Kate Spade pumps!

IMAGE 7: Showcasing our new drink Glitter Is My Favorite Color drink coasters in The Caroline Doll Shop!

IMAGE 8: Getting organized + motivated for the week!

IMAGE 9: Beautiful blooms after the very first Pop Up Shop for The Caroline Doll Shop!