How To Nurture Business Relationships

The Importance of Building and Nurturing Business Relationships 

The one thing that I have always wanted to ensure as my business grows is that I do not sacrifice quality for quantity.  I built my business on love and want to continue to show my clients unparalleled service.  For that very reason, I've developed a list for you to ensure I continue to nurture and build important business relationships:

Take Time For Thank You Notes

This one is so important! It means so much to people when you take the time to write them a hand written thank you note. Especially when it’s someone you work with closely and often. It really shows you value their work and your relationship with them. This also allows them to be excited to work with you on future projects because they will know they are appreciated.

Schedule Coffee (or Champagne!) Dates

Take the time out to schedule coffee dates with people you work closely with. By giving them some of your time, it creates a better work environment when you are collaborating on projects/business. It also presents an opportunity for you to get to know each other better on a personal level. 

Send Birthday Cards

This one may seem odd but it really takes you to another level. If you work with someone on a weekly basis then it’s a great idea to write them a quick birthday card on their special day. It lets them know you are thinking about them and that you value your relationship with them. 

Offer Help

Take the time to send quick reminders on projects you may be working on. Ask if there is anything you can do to help the process. Offering your time and services lets them know you are willing to work hard and go beyond your normal duties, even on projects they aren’t responsible for.

A the end of the day, the relationships you build in your business should be long lasting. Take the time to invest in your business and remember the importance of the little things!

XO The Caroline Doll