Glitter Is My Favorite Color

Recently, at a bridal shower for a family member, a cute little girl approached me and shyly asked what my favorite color was. At first, I was too enchanted to fully register her question; then, as I pondered my answer, I realized that I hadn’t thought about having a favorite color in years!

When we’re young, friendships are forged and lost over something as deceptively simple as color preference. But, as we grow older, we cease to think about what we LOVE, and begin to think more about what we can DO. The more I thought on this issue, the more I realized that I no long really had a “favorite color”, necessarily…just colors that make me happy! In my home, you’ll find an abundance of pink, purple, and glittery gold décor, because those colors re-invigorate me…they make me feel more motivated and they inspire me to write and create! So, sweet friends, what are your favorite colors? And how are you using them to your benefit?

Much like me, our sweet CEO Caroline is a true girly-girl. Her favorite colors are pink and glitter, and she truly uses them to her advantage! Not only has she incorporated them into her home and office, but also her business and brand! For instance, on the POSH PR® website, the “Meet Caroline” section reads as follows: 

I’m Caroline! I wear tutus on Tuesdays, give candy pink kisses, and know that Champagne Is Always The Answer®.  PS: This is also my motto as CEO of POSH PR®, a girly and glamorous agency that specializes in the design, planning, and execution of fashion infused weddings and events.  As a designer, styling is an extension of me and all things that I love.  This passion led to the creation of The Caroline Doll Shop, an online boutique featuring fashion infused party goods that are pink and gold and oh so chic.  I’m a true southern belle living a gold glitter glam lifestyle in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.

Right away, you know that she’s a fashion-forward Boss Lady with a preference for all things feminine and flirty! Moreover, if you’re already familiar with The Caroline Doll Shop and all of its fabulous merchandise, you know that, while most of the items feature pink tones ranging from blush to hot pink, glitter is also a dominant theme. In fact, one of The Caroline Doll Shop’s uniquely fabulous product lines is the “Glitter Is My Favorite Color” line! 

If, like Caroline, glitter makes you happy, encourages your creativity and is your all-round favorite color, it should feature dominantly in your surroundings! However, aside from shellacking your walls and furniture with glitter paint (which, we’re pretty sure, would not please your sweetheart and/or landlord), glitter can be a tricky element to incorporate into your home or office. Well, sweet friends, this is where The Caroline Doll Shop’s “Glitter Is My Favorite Color” products come into play! For instance, if you’re looking to add a little touch of sparkle to your wall art, the “Glitter Is My Favorite Color” print—once fitted into a pretty frame—looks chic and glamorous as a stand-alone piece of art, or as part of a gallery wall. And, if you’re looking to jazz-up your bar cart or coffee table, simply adding a few of The Caroline Doll Shop’s “Pink & Gold Glitter Coasters” and “Glitter Is My Favorite Color” cocktail napkins (…which happen to feature HOT PINK FOIL!!) will provide just the POP of flirty and feminine fun that your décor situation has been needing! 

Our favorite colors are so much more than a simple preference—they tell the world a little about who you are as a person and what makes you happy. These colors also serve to remind us of who we are and what we want…they inspire us to go forth and live our best lives. Your light is much too bright to be dimmed simply to make others feel more comfortable, Dolls. So go forth and shine like the brilliant diamond that you are! As for Caroline and me, you can be sure that we’ll continue to leave a trail of glitter wherever we go….