Really Believe You Are The Best

Welcome to the beginning of what’s sure to be another fabulous week, sweet friends! As some of you may already know, here at The Caroline Doll blog, we dedicate Mondays to all things motivational. In essence, we strive to provide you with useful, new information and content that will aid you in your ongoing quest to build your best business…and life! 

We understand that creating a successful business nowadays is beyond tough. With modern technology, you no longer have to simply compete with local businesses, but also those that are a few mouse clicks and half a world away! Moreover, there’s an increasing pressure on business owners to set themselves apart from the growing competition by using unique and innovative branding and marketing practices.  Together, these things add-up to a lot of work, stress, and headaches for the modern creative entrepreneur! Very few people understand the daily struggles of starting and growing a creative business like our sweet CEO, Miss Caroline Birgmann—which was, perhaps, one of the driving forces behind her creation of The Unicorn Guide. A veritable “How-To” manual on growing a modern, creative business with ZERO competition, The Unicorn Guide is an indispensable resource for those of you who already own a business, and for those who are merely pondering the idea. Over the last several Mondays, we’ve elaborated on topics ranging from “Understanding Your Authentic Brand” to the importance of “Original Content”. However, today we will discuss one of the most significant and impactful pieces of advice from the The Unicorn Guide—really believing that you are the BEST!

While I understand and appreciate the importance of more tangible advice—like “Clear and Consistent Messaging”—I honestly believe that nothing can “sell” your business better than a confident (but never cocky!) attitude. One of the best examples I’ve found that illustrates the importance of this seemingly simple concept comes from a story that Caroline recently shared with me. When Caroline first started POSH PR®, she scheduled a meeting with a potential client to discuss the possibility of her working with him to plan an event. Upon discussing her proposal and contract with him, he shared with her that her proposal was over $1,000 higher than any of the other ones that he had collected. And, when he asked her why she was priced so much higher than everyone else, she looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Well, sir, because I am the best.” Caroline never intended for this statement to come across as a prideful boast—it had come straight from her heart. Essentially, Caroline’s confident statement conveyed to this perspective client that she knew, without a doubt, that they would work well together, and that her brand and services were the absolute best fit for his needs. When all was said and done, Caroline’s bold tactic had worked! Regardless of her higher pricing, her confidence had successfully convinced him that she really was the best…and that was all he’d needed to hear! 

The point of all of this is simple—when you genuinely believe that you are an expert at what you do, it shows! Believe it or not, the confidence you display in your skill set and business inspires others to be confident in them, too! Should you continue to learn and grow…? Absolutely! But, have faith in your unique and creative abilities…once you’ve developed that in your own mind, others will be sure to follow!