Yves Saint Laurent: The Epitome of Style! 

Style, you either have it or you don't. The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR® knows you HAVE it, doll! Read more about turning your personality into style!

Style has become a bit of an elusive word, don’t you think? It’s become interchangeable with “fashion.” It’s been said, “you either have it, or you don’t.” Well that just begs the question, “Where did they get it?” Or better yet, “Where can I get it?!” Unlike fashion, style is not something you can buy. And unlike the popular adage above, everyone can have style! 

In my mind, style is what happens when you embrace your unique personality. It’s a confidence that comes from flaunting who you are, quirks and all. Everyone has a personality, the seed of style. When you plant and nurture that seed, a flower blossoms! THAT is style!

Fashion Fades. Style is eternal.”  - YSL

This past summer, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts held the retrospective “Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style.” YSL’s clothes are gorgeous. Seeing them artfully displayed at the VMFA was SO inspiring. While the fashion he created stands alone, the story and vision for WHY he created this fashion was the real work of art. 

From the very beginning, Yves Saint Laurent embraced his personality, cultivated it and flaunted it — blossoming into one of the world’s most well known luxury brands. He allowed his personality, his brand to be the epitome of the perfection of style.

Yves grew up in a small French town in Algeria. His father traveled a lot, so he was always surrounded by women, his two sisters, mother, and aunts. Sensitive, his mother thought it best to send him to a small private school. In a documentary, she recalled how in hindsight, this wasn’t the best place for Yves. Yves’ classmates were sons of colonists, very elite, very “macho,” she describes. Meanwhile, from a young age, Yves was home telling his aunts how to dress and designing clothes for intricate paper dolls he created. Despite the misfit, Yves never complained to his mother. He focused on his passion. He focused on what he knew he loved, unaffected by what I’m sure were some TOUGH adolescent years! But he had a vision, and nobody was going to stop him from becoming the haute couture designer for Christian Dior at the age of 21!

The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”  - YSL

Yves Saint Laurent understood what truly makes a person stand out is their confidence. When a person embraces who they are —THAT’S style! You can’t buy passion, but you can cultivate it. And you most certainly can buy YSL Beauty products to guild the Lilly, doll!