Why Your Business Needs a BFF!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, looks back at a week of doing what she loves: making friends and creating businesses!

When two or more dolls are gathered, business happens!

This time last week, I was getting on a flight to New Orleans to talk the “PR Behind the Pretty” at “Inspire Design,” a conference for wedding planners and florists. Actually, no. A conference for brave women daring to live the life they want!

I’ve already told you I LOVE a good story. Last week, I heard SO many of the kind of revolutionary life-changing stories! These stories are the fuel that drives me. 

One wedding planner was a pre-med major, getting ready to go all in for med school. This was a well trodden path. Her parents were happy. But what she really loved doing was throwing a good party, from Super Bowl parties to birthday parties. One of those little hobbies we all have, we look forward to doing on the weekends, but never take seriously. Well, this girl took it seriously. She asked her friend, a bride, if she could shadow her wedding planner. The wedding planner dismissively said yes, but didn’t give the proposition a second thought. Until, at the wedding, in bridesmaid dress and all, the determined pre-med major insisted on arranging the center pieces, despite the wedding planner’s wishes. “You’re making me look bad! I can’t have a bridesmaid working a wedding! Meet me at my office on Tuesday at 2:00pm!” It worked. Since then, she’s been the right-hand girl to one of Atlanta’s top wedding planners.

Another attendee was an accountant turned wedding planner. Despite her success, her secure income, she decided to listen to her heart and go all-in to what she loves doing. It’s around the clock work, being a wedding planner, but it’s reinforced and propelled by a natural love of what she does. 

Talking in front of these women was such an honor. There was already so much inspiration in the room. What I love doing is providing the next step: application. Harnessing all of this energy, crossing the bridge, and creating it into a tangible business. At the end of my lecture (let’s be real, dolls, I don’t lecture, I talk about what I love and make new best friends!) I handed out goodie bags filled with props for an Instagram flat lay and white foam boards. Everyone went straight to work! Arranging their props just so. Some sprawled out on the floor, some standing on chairs for the perfect angle. These women were steering their vision, their energy, into a a real thing. 

It’s that simple. You have the vision. You have the energy. Sometimes you do need that hand to hold to jump into the next step, to provide you with the tools you need to move forward.

Inspire Design.” Beautifully designed things are inspiring. But also, WE were designed to inspire. No woman is an island. Just like you need a best friend in life, your business needs a best friend! Making new friends is what I was designed for! When you put yourself in the presence of likeminded women, sparks start flying!  And before you know it, business happens!

GirlbossCaroline Kalentzos