RVA Fall Fashion Week: Where There's a Will, There's a Way!

CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll, touches on her favorite things about the RVA Fall Fashion Week -- and it's not just about clothes!

It’s here, it’s here! The RVA Fall Fashion Week, dolls! I was so sorry to have to miss the opening night, but I still had a fabulous evening of fashion at the Love Story Event at Short Pump Town Center! (Recap coming soon!) The weekend is one long party full of shopping, dining, and walking the streets of Richmond!

There’s something so metropolitan about fashion week in Richmond. All of these hidden gems in one setting! It’s the perfect showcase to reveal what Richmond has to offer in the fashion scene. From boutique owners, and designers to small non-profits — I think my favorite thing about fashion week is seeing just how many local influencers there are. It’s not only a runway full of beautiful clothes, but it’s an exhibition for the talent, passion, and creativity these Richmonders have! Rubbing shoulders with such industrious people is so inspiring! There’s a creative energy so contagious that I can’t wait to catch! 

Fashion weeks are a conglomeration of creativity. It’s people empowering other people to do what they love! Like I said, it’s contagious to see it all happen. I love the STORY behind the RVA Fashion Week. Young VCU students saw the talent in Richmond and wanted to show it off! They loved the hard work of some local designers, and wanted to recognize and empower them! They saw a need, and they met it. It totally puts things in perspective: Where there’s a will, there’s a way! No matter your age! THAT’S a story worth telling!

So far, my favorite fashion for the season is all of the velvet! Heavy fabrics can be tricky to pull off, especially velvet! Done the wrong way, you’ll date yourself back to a character on “That 70’s Show!” But the way velvet has returned is much subtler and glamorous this time around and I LOVE it! 

Come hang out with me this weekend!  I encourage all of my fashion forward dolls to participate if you can! (Check out the website here for more details.) Nothing beats the firsthand experience of attending a fashion show! What a fun way to change up your weekend!