The Branded Bride and The Branded Business

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, explains how branding applies to more than just a business...

As many of you dolls already know, POSH PR® has done less weddings and more branding this year. While we LOVE the new direction we’re headed, we’ll always have a spot in our hearts for our brides. I was interviewed by Richmond Weddings magazine this week and I had an epiphany or two…

I think what made POSH PR® such a unique wedding planning experience was the fact that I look at weddings as the bride’s business! Much like a business, weddings are the culmination of a girl’s dreams and passions. It’s the day she tells the world who she is as Mrs. X. She’s always pictured this day in her head. She’s always thought of the woman she would be, building a life with her husband. After sharing these thoughts during the interview, it hit me! POSH PR® has always been a branding business! We just got our start with branding the bride!

I’ve always said that one of my favorite things about PR is that you have the power to tell people how you want them to think and feel about you. That’s exactly how I see a wedding day! In front of all of her friends and family (particularly the NEW family!), how a bride runs her wedding, from her attitude to her hospitality, from her shoes to her wedding gown, says A LOT about the kind of woman she is! I was in the business of branding brides! As I sit here writing this, the term “branding” is mulling through my mind in so many ways! What is “branding” to its core?

Your brand is YOU. I think it’s absolutely essential for any creative entrepreneur to see this. Branding doesn’t work if you just project a color and a logo out there. Branding is the unique idiosyncrasies that make you you. It’s how you treat people. It’s how you see things. 

Branding may be a newer term, but truthfully, our brand is the life we lead! It IS our lifestyle, in a sense! As soon as you recognize this, you, your life, and your business completely synergize.

At POSH PR®, we’re in the business of branding. From the branded bride, to the branded business — what we do applies to all stages of a woman’s life!


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