The PR Behind The Pretty: SOCIAL MEDIA 101

Beyond the hashtags and algorithms, The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, digs deeper into Social Media and the secrets to success she'll be teaching in her upcoming workshop!

Success is the result of a completed “to-do” list. 

I’m serious, dolls! When it comes down to it, you are only as successful as you plan to be. People always say to me, “How do you always know what to do in a day?” Because I have a strategic plan of action. 

Social media is way too big a world to work in without a strategized plan. I’m not just talking about Instagram. Social media is anything digital — your email marketing, blogging, Facebook,  Pinterest. All of these platforms require planning ahead in order for you to fully reap the benefits from them. 

In “The PR Behind the Pretty” workshop I’m holding this January, one of the sessions is entirely devoted to Social Media. We’ll demystify algorithms. We’ll talk hashtags. But I want to equip you with all of the tools you need to use social media in a way that GROWS your following. My success boils down to a “template” minded approach. 

Never over-estimate the power of a template. 

I remember in my middle school English class, my teacher handed out a rubric we were to use for each essay we wrote. It had a checklist for six requirements each paragraph had to have. (i.e. one sentence no more than six words, starting a sentence with an adverb, etc). She reduced writing down to key elements. After this, writing transformed from a daunting panic attack inducing assignment to a mapped out approach to an A+ essay. It was simple. It was orderly. In college, I was the go-to peer editor!

You have to reduce a project down to its bare bones before you can give life to it. Making it simple, makes it do-able. I look at those big projects coming up and reduce them down to the key elements that need to happen. (Now that I think about it, even something as complex as Biological Chemistry can’t be approached without the Periodic Table Of Elements!). 

At the end of each month, I sit down with my monthly strategy template, and plan out each thing that needs to happen by the day. Using a template saves me SO MUCH time. I use this time to accomplish the things I planned to accomplish. In other words, I use this template to make success happen.

At my workshop, I can’t WAIT to share my monthly strategy template with you! You’ll be equipped with a “to-do” list and ready for success! 


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