POSH Client: Heather Yeager Photography!

Learn more about branding photo shoots and creating content that attracts your ideal client with The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, as she shares about her POSH PR® Client, Heather Yeager!

I love every job that falls under the umbrella of POSH PR®. But the job I get SO excited for? Styled branding photo shoots! I love the entire process... Starting with meeting the client and getting to know the intangibles: their personality, their energy, what they’re passionate about! I love learning all of those intangible things and turning them into a tangible reality via a photo shoot!

I had the opportunity to produce a branding shoot this with my dear doll, Heather Yeager. She’s a photographer who lives in the St. Louis area, so the fact she chose me to help her with this project was such an honor! True story: Heather found me on Instagram, and I’m SO happy she did! [Branding tip? Heather and I both value building relationships with our clients. We’re both passionate about getting to know WHO our client is and empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. By exuding what your business is about across your social media, you attract your ideal client!] 

By getting to know Heather, I quickly learned how she is all about providing a fun and memorable experience to her clients. She knows it’s SO important to get to know your client’s personality in order to deliver an end product that makes them smile from ear to ear! She specializes in senior portraits and LOVES fashion infused photography (again, ideal client! #fashioninfused)! She provides the full customer experience, from location scouting to outfit curating and makeup — she does it all! Heather truly knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, and uses photography to build young women up and to support them in achieving their goals!

A picture IS worth a thousand words and more and my end goal in styling and shooting for Heather was to ensure we captured the joy and friendship she creates through her photography. Heather’s style is colorful, youthful, and energetic — SO much fun to create!

I love being able to provide tangible content that communicates a client’s personality. My end goal is to capture my client’s brand in a way that attracts who THEIR ideal client is. 

We live in a visual world where a picture is actually worth a future client! Do you need help turning your brand’s personality into a reality? Do you need help creating content that attracts YOUR ideal client? We’d love to talk to you! E-mail us at heydoll@poshpr.com !

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