Why Christmas Should Be Your Business Mission

How The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, turns her business into Christmas -- on the daily!

“Christmas is a magical time of year.” As I sit with my husband, our fur babies, and my family, I can’t help but think about what, exactly, makes Christmas so magical? Just what is it that makes this time of year, these few days out of 364 (330+ something days if you count the entire month of December as magical, which I do!) so distinctly different from the rest?

It’s funny; my friend, The Grinch, just shared, “Welp, it’s come and gone…time to start over a whole other year. Back to normal!” Back to normal?! Why can’t THIS be normal? I don’t mean to sound super sappy here, dolls! But I do want to share my thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas, what it is and why it is so special! 

I think Christmas time is truly a glimpse into how we were created to live, and how we could forever live one day. It’s these two days, especially, with the distraction of business paused, surrounded by the ones we love, gifting each other with things that fill their hearts with just a little more joy for a moment or two, taking the time to slow down and eat delicious food around the table, talking and laughing with one another. There’s a rightness to how this time of year makes me feel! As if I’m more fully in sync with who I was created to be! 

When Christ came into the world, his mission was to show the world another way to live, a way that’s full of joy and love. His ultimate mission was to put others before himself so that they may experience life! That’s what I hope to do with whomever I encounter. That’s why I love what I get to do everyday — I hope to show creative and passionate women a more edifying way to live! I hope to do this by the way I choose to live and treat others. I have so much love for the women who come to me with a dream in mind that I can’t HELP but go above and beyond for my clients because I know that will bring them joy — and that brings me joy! 

Christmas time is a way of life! It actually IS supposed to be like this everyday. I’ve never really actually thought of it this way, but “the true meaning of Christmas” is really the perfect “meaning” behind any truly successful business! Serve…pursue excellence. 

My hope for POSH PR® is to help inspire sustaining joy in the hearts of my clients. Live the life you were created to live! E-mail us at heydoll@poshpr.com!

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