Crucial Business Questions and How Your Mission Statement Can Help

It’s no secret that I am, to put it simply, VERY BUSY. 

If you follow @thecarolinedoll on Instagram, you know that I get fired up about the projects I have the opportunity to work on and the clients I get to work with.  What you might be wondering is . . . How do you know when to say NO?  How do you decide if an opportunity in front of you is right for your business?

For me, choosing the projects I work on or deciding if a client is right for me always comes down to one question: Does this align with my mission statement?

POSH PR® Mission

If you don’t have your mission statement written in your best handwriting or printed in a cute way hanging RIGHT above your desk, do that right now!!  It is so important for these words to be in sight each and every day as you make important decisions for your business and your lifestyle.  

Now, if you don’t know what a mission statement IS, that’s ok!  A mission statement is a clear and sufficient summary of your company’s value and purpose.  It can be a paragraph of 5-8 sentences that defines the heart and goals of your business, or it can be something quick and concise.  

At POSH PR®, for example, we believe that authentic brands are successful brands, and if you stay true to yourself you have no competition.  When I make any business decisions, I have to ask myself, “Does this set me apart?”  Is this true to who I am, or am I doing this because it’s what someone else is doing?  Will this help achieve my end result?

So, that’s what you have to ask yourself.  What is my MISSION?  At the end of the day, what do I want to have achieved?  Do I want to make the world a little prettier?  Do I want to help small businesses set themselves apart with branding and design?  Figure out what it is that fires YOU up, and put that on paper!!

Once you have your mission statement set, you can use that to filter all of your decisions, big, small, and in between.  And guess what?  Your mission statement can change as YOU change.  Just remember to stay true to yourself!

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