Posh Packing Tips

How to pack and travel in style with fashion advice from the CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll! 

As you’re reading this post I'm sitting on a plane to Greece with my husband (WOAH!!!) Costa has been lucky to travel far and wide across a lot of Europe and most of Greece so when neither of us had been to Santorini we knew that was our honeymoon spot!!

As soon as we booked our flights I was making a packing list in my head. Do you know how much cobblestone there is in Greece?? Costa basically had a shoe intervention with me and “strongly encouraged” that I bring some flats and sandals which inspired me to write a little packing/traveling guide for anyone else that may struggle with what in the world to bring on a big trip.

Lay It Out 

Overpacking is SO easy if you don't have a really organized idea of what you’re bringing before you start stuffing it into your suitcase. About a week ahead of time I begin by bringing my rolling rack up to my bedroom and literally pulling outfits for myself so I can see them all in front of me. This way I can see my options, see if it needs to be washed, ironed, or dry cleaned and what I need to add to make it an outfit.

Create Outfits

Seriously, it’s way harder to create outfits once you’re already on your trip so save yourself the stress and pull together complete looks for each day. This means shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. that will accessorize the cute clothes you've brought. Look ahead at the weather and map our your outfits for each day accordingly. This will totally minimize thinking about what to wear each morning and save you time to enjoy your vacation!

All The Shoes

I’ve actually been known to bring a large carry on that’s only full of shoes when I travel. I like to give myself options just in case, but for this trip I know I need to keep my feet comfortable and pack according to the activities we will be doing while in Greece. But, typically I like to have a “shoe bag” and keep them all together (and close to me during travel!)

Shop Your Heart Out

I love to shop and bring home new goodies when I travel so I always pack my Louis Vuitton Keep All which is actually meant to completely fold up at the bottom of your main suitcase (how perfect?!) This way I can shop all I want and fill it up for the trip home!

The Essentials

Here are my main travel necessities, dolls. Dry shampoo. Hydrating Mist. Hello Sexy Legs. Bottled Water. If I have these, I’m good. My last essential…and you’re going to think Im crazy…I typically bring a rolled up bath mat for Instagram backdrops and flat lays, but seriously what if the floors are dark??? That’s a whole other post for another day…

Lastly, remember to dress up when you fly (yes, even if its a long flight). I’ve met potential clients in airports and it’s always important to stay on brand despite comfort.

So whether it’s your honeymoon or a business trip, these easy packing tips should help you organize and prep for any of your upcoming adventures!!

XO The Caroline Doll