It's All About The Pitch!

How to pitch a photo shoot to be featured on a national blog and tips to best sell all of your business ideas!

Style Me Pretty Feature

It still feels a little bit like a dream that last week one of my bride’s engagement shoots was featured on Style Me Pretty! Probably because this literally is one of my dreams!

As a wedding planner, I have a routine to closing out weddings. I return the linens and the cake stands, I confirm the rentals have been picked up, I write the vendors a thank you note, and I sit down to get that wedding featured, because that is how I will make my bride’s special day live on forever in the world of the Internet AND it keeps my business growing!

True story: When I sat down with Erika and Josh in our first meeting I asked them where their ideal feature would be. Erika told me if I could get her on Style Me Pretty she would be on cloud nine. So, I researched some of the other engagement features on Style Me Pretty to ensure I wrote the most effective pitch for this shoot to really set this feature apart from the other submissions they receive daily.

When I first began POSH PR®, people used to tell me that getting featured on certain platforms or blogs meant you’d made it. So, I want to let you in on a little secret: it’s all about the pitch. It’s all about how you sell it!

When I’m doing any styled shoot I always ask myself “What’s My End Result”? Specifically who do I want to see this shoot and fall in love with it? Who is my target audience for this project? Once you know who you’re trying to style for, you can better design and tailor your shoot to your preferred audience. Obviously, you want to keep in tune with your client’s style (whether it be a photographer, bride, or other client) while also keeping in mind the “look” of who you are going to pitch your shoot to later.

Try to be different and unique and make your submission stand out. What is something they haven't seen before? Also, never forget the little details! For instance, Erika brought her ADORABLE pup for the shoot with a gorgeous floral leash made from pieces of greenery. How often do you see something that beautiful and intricate in an engagement shoot?

If you want to be featured, you have to pitch it. This is true for anything in life, not just a wedding editorial shoot. If you want to work with a certain client, you have to pitch it. If you want a raise, you have to pitch it. It’s all about the pitch, dolls! 

XO The Caroline Doll