The Power Of The Mood Board

The CEO of POSH PR®, Caroline Kalentzos, talks about the importance of creating a physical mood board for each client's branding process. 

Samantha Royer, I can NOT wait to see your brand come to life! Xo!

Samantha Royer, I can NOT wait to see your brand come to life! Xo!

This week you can find me sprawled out in the POSH PR® studio with a paper cutter close by, crafting up mood boards for our new clients…and I LOVE IT! I definitely think this is one of the more fun parts of my job because it brings out my crafty side (i.e. glitter!) 

My favorite part about taking on a new client is hearing their story. I want to know #allthethings so that I can best represent you and understand your needs. I try to delve into the “why” behind your business and incorporate that in the branding process. A mood board should visually lay out your brand’s story through images and styling items.

Mood boards are seriously SO important to the overall branding process because it completely creates the look + feel of your business and brings an aesthetic aspect to the whole experience. This is more than a Pinterest inspiration! This is scissors and ribbon, paper and pins! But it’s absolutely worth the effort!

These mood boards are also a very tactile way to get everyone involved on the same page. They’re a great way to remotely include the client on brainstorming. Creating a mood board can produce really necessary client feedback!  True story: I’ve re-worked a mood board 15 times before it was “the one”, and every single time I changed it I got a better understanding of my client’s ideas. I would never want to realize my client and I had different visions when we’re already halfway through a project. Mood boards are a perfect way to create consistency throughout.

My purpose with making these mood boards is to clearly express the vision of the whole brand and create a visual representation of your business. I also like for my clients to be able to physically hold something in their hands that communicates their ideas. You could create 8 million Pinterest boards on line but to have something tangible to take with you and display is SO much better. My boards might seem a little outdated or tedious, but I truly believe they are the first step to success, and who doesn't want to play with gold paper clips and bows?!

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