Borrowed By Design

The Caroline Doll talks about a magical P.R. secret that makes Borrowed by Design a stand out fashion brand! P.S. Shopping included!

In P.R. in general, defining your WHY is SO important. It’s what makes you stand out. It’s your mission. The thing that drives you and makes you get out of bed in the morning.

The Caroline Doll, Borrowed By Designs

Asking someone to name every fashion brand out there is like asking someone to count the stars. It’s impossible! The world is full of fashion brands both big and small, successful and not so successful. With so much competition out there, you have to ask: WHY would your brand be different from anyone else’s?

For me, empowering women is what keeps me going. If I get to help a woman get one step closer to shooting for the stars, I’m over the moon! If I can help make a woman feel beautiful from the inside-out, I can go to bed with a full heart. I want women to love who they are, to be proud of their beautifully unique individuality! And to FLAUNT it! Your individuality is the most powerful thing you have to separate yourself from the rest. My WHY is an exhilarating feeling that keeps me going; I can’t get enough! That’s why whenever I hear about girlbosses helping other girlbosses, I HAVE to share it. Borrowed by Design is a group of women whose beautiful hearts truly drive their brand.

The Caroline Doll, Borrowed By Design

The best part about attending a wedding or a fancy holiday party is getting to DRESS UP! The worst part? Exhausting your closet space with dresses you’ll only wear once. Borrowed by Design is like Cinderella’s fairy godmother. The moment the ball is over, a wave of their wand, and POOF! Worries about closet space vanish. Borrowed by Design is an online community for women to list, borrow (rent), and sell their formal wear dresses. But what truly makes this a Cinderella-story is their WHY.

The Caroline Doll, Borrowed By Design

For every dress you list on their site, a portion of the proceeds goes to one of their partner non-profits. Their mission to is “empower young women and girls to overcome all that challenges them.” They work with non-profits such as Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta, Empower 54, and SMAHRT Girls; all organizations whose mission is to enable girls to become whatever it is they DREAM of becoming. How magical is that!?

You can borrow or buy, as well! Just LOOK at these two fabulous outfits!

The second you build a brand or business on your WHY – you instantly become a story everyone wants to read about!

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