Why You Should Switch To A Business Instagram Account!

Why the CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll, encourages all business owners to switch to a business Instagram account!


Last week I had the honor of educating at the Creative @ Heart Conference on The PR Behind The Pretty, my version of the strategy behind a pretty Instagram feed.  One question that I was asked multiple times during my breakout sessions I feel needs a more in depth discussion: Should I switch to a business account on Instagram? 

I am SUCH a strong believer in switching to an Instagram business account! Today, I want to share with you my top reasons why...

“Swipe Up” Feature

THIS. One of my favorite things about an Instagram business account is the “swipe up” feature.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about — in your Instagram story, you are able to actually add a LINK so you can easily direct your followers to your blog, online shop, or to purchase a ticket to your next workshop, for example. 

This is such a great tool for business users to be able to add additional information about the products or services they are selling and give people a home base to find that content.  Every single time I publish a blog post I link it to my Instagram story! I find that my stories with links get MORE views than those without. (More details on how I am finding that data later!)

You may argue that Instagram already has a #LinkInBio feature. Yes, you are 100% correct. However, do you think it would be THAT much more convent if you didn’t have to go back to someone’s bio in their profile to find a blog post or to learn more about a new service you are providing? I sure do! Convenience is key when sharing information or promoting your business. 

Disclaimer: Instagram is currently going through some beta testing with these links… So, it is not accessible to EVERYONE at this time. However, how amazing will it be to use this tool when it is finally open to all business accounts?!

See WHO Your Followers REALLY Are

I love the tools that Instagram provides for businesses. I am able to see what percentage of my followers are male/female, their age range, top locations, as well as the days AND hours of the week they are active.

WOW! What would you do with all of that information?!  The analytics provided for Instagram business accounts takes the guessing out of your digital marketing strategy.  

How does this information benefit you? 
- You will never wonder WHEN to post again! 
- You now know WHERE your followers live so you can target them specifically for events and promotions.
- You are able to see WHO they are as far as gender and age range so you can get even more custom with your content.
- This information may even help you adjust your strategy. Maybe who discover you aren’t actually reaching your ideal client and you need to make some adjustments.

Analyze Your Content

I also love that the Instagram business account users can analyze their posts AND stories! You are able to see the data on impressions, reach, engagement, likes, comments and even if someone saved your post.

This is so helpful for me to know what my followers actually want to see. Whenever I am educating on ANY topic, I always talk about survival when it comes to life in general but specifically to business owners. If you move you survive. What does that mean for business owners? Well, if you are keeping up with what your tribe actually wants from you, you will grow.  If you stay in the same place and remain close minded, you will not grow. It is that simple! 
Analyzing your content is crucial to growing your following and engaging with them. It is always so interesting for me to see that my TOP engagement is whenever I post Costa. It makes sense though, right? People can all relate to a love story! It is harder for some to relate to fashion or PR. I always keep this in mind and try to incorporate him into my strategy as much as I can. Well, and because I just really love him and love being married! 

Instagram Monetization

Alright bloggers and anyone who is looking to actually monetize their Instagram account… This one is for YOU! 

If can’t provide data on who your followers are, what they are engaging with, and their basic demographic information, how can you tell a brand you are a good fit to work with them? 

Whenever I pitch to a new brand the idea of working with @thecarolinedoll, I immediately go to my Instagram analytics. This information gives not only the brand a good sense of who my followers are, but it also helps close the deal with some of my brand partners. 

For example, @thecarolinedoll currently has almost 14k followers on Instagram. However, we get almost 45k impressions EACH WEEK. That number is a lot more powerful. That number also states that our followers are totally engaged with the content we are publishing. 

In order to secure various brand partnerships, you need to understand and utilize your analytics and add this information to your media kit ASAP!

Have I convinced you yet?!

I leave you with this: Would you rather be acquaintances with thousands of people (i.e. have a lot of followers who you don't know very well) OR build a tribe of followers who become your best friends (i.e. followers who care about you, and who you know ALL about!)

PS: If you want to learn more about the strategy behind building your digital marketing, join us for our workshop in November! Learn more here! You can also sign up for a FREE Instagram guide here!