POSH PR® Website Refresh!

The CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll, debuts her fresh new website and discusses the importance of updated online presence!

Like attracts like. Listen up, dolls! This simple Law of Attraction holds essential tips for any PR firm. Another way to phrase this, that I find inspiring, is: “Be the kind of person you want to meet!” 

If you’ve visited my website in the past few days, you may have noticed a little change! I recently decided to launch a new website. Why? Because I want you to know who I am, and exactly what it is I’m here to help you with. When it comes to being the face of your own brand, it’s so important that everything from you website to your Instagram, and even to your office reflects who you are. When your potential client is “shopping” for business, it’s up to YOU to tell her how you want her to think and feel about your brand. Social media and first impressions go hand-in-hand! 

Be a reflection of what you want to see in others! Empowering women is my love language. I want my clients to feel like posh fashionistas so everything I do is fashion fused! Every element of what I do is infused with pretty and pink! Launching a new website isn’t about inventing a whole new personality.  But it IS about recreating and expanding upon what you already have and who YOU are. It’s a lot like putting on a fabulous new outfit!  

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.19.12 PM.png

When I started PR, I had no idea my business would expand to planning luxury weddings! But because I was open to change, more opportunities opened! In order for my business to grow, I had to evolve! I had to step into a new outfit! You never stay the same and your website shouldn’t either! Updating is important to keep your website a reflection of who you are. So, what’s new?

Meeting new clients and business partners is something I look forward to most! My new “Events” tab let’s you know where I am on the map and if I’ll be in your city for a chance to meet! In order to communicate with clients exactly what it is I can help them with, I’ve added a concise list of the multiple services I offer. If you already subscribe to my site, you may have seen that I also just launched a full-day business intensive that will take place November 5! I’ll be covering anything from branding, to influencer marketing, to social media styling + strategy, and more! There are all sorts of new things to discover on the new site!

As they say, “Pretty is as pretty does!” 


If you are interested in your own website refresh, contact us here to learn more!