How To Style Your Own Branding Shoot

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares 1-2-3 steps to creating your own branding shoot!

I know I’ve talked about branding photos a lot, recently! But I think that’s a testimony to what I’ve been filling my time with! One branding photoshoot after the next! In the beginning of my POSH PR® journey, I had no idea I’d be doing this. Are any of you dolls in the beginning stages of your own business journey? The beginning stages can be SO intimidating, and maybe creating styled photos for your brand is something you don’t have the money to invest in (just yet!). I wanted to share with you some easy ways to design your own branding set, and time is the only resource you’ll need! (And a little bit ofCREATIVITY!)

(1) Figure out your words! This is the ONLY time I’ll tell you to use Pinterest. You know how when you’re writing a paper, unsure of which word to use? You resort to the dictionary/thesaurus to make sure the word you choose captures what you want to say. Well, Pinterest is the image dictionary. You put in words and it defines them with images that depict that word! Start typing in words you think describe what you want your brand’s personality to say and see what pops up! Print the words that capture the personality! Frame them! Put them on your mood board and say those words over and over again as you curate your content! 

(2) Source items that are your brand’s colors! Are you a fashion brand and your colors are green and white? Kate Spade’s book, Places to Go, People to See, is a vibrant kelly green color! Pair it with some white blooms for an eye-catching Instagram flat lay!  As soon as you nail down the concretes such as keywords and colors, saturate your mind with them! Then your mind’s eye will start seeing inspiration EVERYWHERE! 

(3) Do SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Create something unique. Every single one of my shoots, I do something weird and different. One of my client’s words was “glitter.” So what did I do? Glittered. Everything. Roses, shoes, shopping bags. You have to do something that stands out; something that YOU are creating. Another one of my client’s colors were black and white. So, I cleared off my clothing rack and styled it with clothes that were black and white. This was a SIMPLE way to create a bold and graphic backdrop for our photoshoot. 

I love the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Believe me dolls, just start with these few simple steps and the possibilities will present themselves!

Happy styling!