3 Tips for Effortless Instagram Content Management

Posting and engaging on Instagram can be overwhelming! The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares 3 tips to guide you as you manage your content!

Instagram. The the bottomless champagne glass of unsolvable algorithms and ever evolving features. It is overwhelming. It is challenging! But while technicalities dependably change, the quality of your content should always be consistent. 

So many of the questions we receive always revolve around what kind of content you should post on your Instagram and just how you should engage with other accounts. Because the technicalities of Instagram seem to be getting more complex, I think this naturally moves us to conclude that there must be a complex equation behind our content as well. The result? We over think it…and oftentimes end up not posting, at all!

This is our 3-step guide to breaking those imaginary barriers and using Instagram as effortlessly (and engagingly!) as possible!

1.) Let’s Hang Out!

Think of your Instagram as a hang out space for you and your friends (followers!). If you are creating an experience for people, they will want to hang out with you! Let your captions spark a conversation and ask questions for your audience to engage with. Be vocal and visual about what you love and the things you stand for. This makes it easier for people to know exactly what it is you’re all about. It also naturally brings your tribe to you. Confidence is always attractive!

2.) Keep It Real

While there will always be value in privacy, don’t be afraid to share your heart with your audience. It’s funny, dolls. Social media does have a tendency to pressure us to only post the highlights. But save X-Pro II and Lo-Fi for the photos, themselves. Never put a filter over the matters of your heart. People are looking for permission to be themselves. Why not set the example?! I’ve found that the posts where I’m being completely honest often receive the most engagement!

3.) What Grabs YOUR Attention?

This is a great thought to keep in mind when posting AND engaging. Think about it! What kind of engagement leads you to someone else’s profile? 10 “likes” or a sincere and thoughtful comment? More often than not, the same type of activity that grabs YOUR attention is the exact type of activity that will grab your audience’s attention! Like attracts like!

Managing social media can be a full time job! Let us help you manage your brand’s social media presence by contacting us here, doll!