Meet Your New Favorite Bra

Yes! I’m wearing my Nipcos™️ with this outfit!

Yes! I’m wearing my Nipcos™️ with this outfit!

I'm always shopping (of course) for new and fun things to wear, but sometimes, I run into a problem I'm sure every other doll has run into, too! I'm trying on a new dress or top, loving how much I feel in it, but not sure what type of bra to wear underneath for the perfect fit! I don't want crease lines, it can't be too bold underneath, and the straps have to sit just right. Then I found Bra in a Box!

Bra in a Box is an innovative bra alternative to your usual underwire bra and strapless bras. They offer silicone Nipcos™️: nipple covers that provide the coverage you want and the freedom of going braless! They launched their collection this month and I’m already obsessed!

I truly believe they're perfect for every outfit! When I'm wearing them, I feel completely comfortable and confident no matter what I'm wearing, and can honestly wear them everyday! They have a thin layer of silicone adhesive that sticks to your skin, that not only keeps them in place, but also allows for a more natural appearance underneath your clothing. I love that they offer an option for more modest coverage when I really want to feel comfortable!

The best part about Bra in a Box? They provide you with a cute little box that your Nipcos™️ can go in, and are great for storing them while traveling. The box keeps the adhesive sides away from dust and debris so they last longer, too!  (Did I mention that they're waterproof? You can actually wear them in the pool!) 


For a girl above a C cup, I was worried about how they would work for me! They were perfect for me to wear with plenty of outfits, but for some that I needed more support in, my Nipcos™️ were great for providing nipple coverage under my tops that already had some level of built-in support. 

Bra in a Box Nipcos™️ can be used up to 30 times for their maximum effectiveness (even in hot, summer days). They also offer a monthly subscription plan for when your Nipcos™️ start to wear and you're ready for a new pair! (How great is that!?) You'll receive a fresh pair (or two) delivered each month so you never run out! I honestly get excited when my new pair are about to arrive!

Unlike your typical pasties (where you just apply a skin-tone sticker for a little extra coverage and then throw them away), these Nipcos™️ provide a more sophisticated and reusable option for longer wear! With the box included, I can pop them into my purse for ultimate convenience and comfort at any time, and even free up some drawer space at home!

I also love the team over at Bra in a Box. Penelope and Phoebe are a mom and daughter duo, and have created such a beautiful, small, women-owned business that I love to follow! They're truly committed to women's comfort (and fashion) everywhere, and their mission is to let girls of every age know that they can go braless without feeling uncomfortable! 

Want to purchase your own Nipcos™️? Click here to start your bra-free journey today!