Fashion Shows for PR

Using modern public relations methods to promote your clients through fun fashion events!

Calling all fashionistas!  This past Saturday I had the opportunity to host the semi annual “Beauty Heats Up” event inside Saks Fifth Avenue at Stony Point Fashion Park, and it was SUCH a blast! This “pop up” event aimed to highlight the latest spring and summer beauty trends, showcasing the make up brands available at the Stony Point Saks Fifth Avenue. I had such a fun time showing off these looks! From “yacht chic” to “garden glow” and OF COURSE my favorite, “pretty in pink”, these girls were amazing!

When people think of the traditional public relations agency, they don't typically associate it with a fun and upbeat fashion show, but this is 2017 y’all, welcome to the new era of modern PR! These events are ideal for promoting fashion, beauty, jewelry, and handbags with the goal of making a brand money by selling products right off of the model! This type of marketing really allows people to see the merchandise on a real life model and imagine how they could realistically incorporate the piece into their own look. I’m always trying to come up with the most interactive and out-of-the-box solutions for my clients to reach their customers!

Having hosted a few of these live and interactive fashion shows, I wanted to share with you a few of my DOs and DON’Ts for being the M.C (mic chief) for an event like this:

DON’T distract from the merchandise! — If you’re showcasing make up, have your models in monochromatic clothing with clean and tight pulled back hair to really show off their faces! If you’re focusing on handbags, you can keep the accompanying outfits simple and neutral colored and really accentuate the products you're trying to sell!

DO tell a story — Tell people HOW they can make these products work for their life! Paint a picture of how they could wear a cute handbag to work or later on at happy hour, make it work for the customers!

DON’T think people aren't listening. — This was a hard one for me to learn with being the M.C. I thought that because people were still walking around and shopping, or talking while I was up there that meant that they weren't listening to me. This is NOT the case, they are definitely listening so don't lose your confidence and keep on doing you!

DO hire models that look like real people! — Customers want to feel like they could really see themselves with these items and you want to find your target audience which isn't always a teeny tiny runway model!

DON’T forget to be relevant! — Talk about upcoming holidays and mention local events going. Get people thinking about specifically where and when they could wear these outfits or how they could maybe use some of these items as gifts!

DO take A LOT of photos — These shows make for great content and pictures are the best way to recap such a fun event!

If you feel like your brand or your client could benefit from a pop up show, follow those tips for a successful, new age PR event!