Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out

Dolls, this has been heavy on my heart and I want to share this with you today.

First, I am reading the most incredible book for small business owners called, #GIRLBOSS.  It is the story behind the owner of Nasty Gal.  Personally, I have not purchased anything from Nasty Gal, but I was interested in the book based upon the title - - I know, I know, never judge book by it’s cover.  Well, I did and I am so glad I did, too!

When I started the branding process of POSH PR I struggled with my identity.  I figured I would be a champion at this since my previous job was branding and launching new products for a pharmaceutical company.  However, when it came to POSH PR, it was tough.  I was trying to NOT be me.  I know that sounds crazy.  But I was, in a way, conforming to others and trying to be like those in my industry.  I didn’t want to be “too pink” or “too girly” or even use the word “doll” ! Things that I do everyday I was pulling away from.  I wanted to be accepted and I was afraid of failure and that no one would like me.

I then had an “ah-ha” moment when I realized something : If I stay true to myself I have no competition.  Wow.  What a realization.  It was then effortless to brand POSH PR because everything centered around the core of who I am.

I am a lover of pink and fashion and things that sparkle.

I call my friends dolls and I always wear pink lipstick (Candy Yum Yum by MAC to be exact) and say “candy pink kisses” when I sign my emails or letters.  I LOVE tulle and wearing tutus.  I am as girly as it gets.  I am a believer of Jesus and know that my purpose and core is to empower women and deign beautiful things.  

As I continued to read #GIRLBOSS (which is now my favorite hashtag, by the way) I ran into this gem of a quote - - in the words of Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Do people probably think I am “too pink” or “too this” or “too that” ?  Probably.  Am I giving 100% of me to you and to my clients every single day?  Without a doubt.  I am living a life of purpose... and, I truly believe in that purpose.

True (and hilarious) story - - I met with a new bride recently and she said to me, ever so softly and politely, “I was just curious if the only weddings and events that you do are pink?” HA!  How sweet.  I get this question all of the time, actually.  And, sweet friends, the answer is no.  I WISH they were all pink!  My creativity can go outside of the colors pink and gold, I promise you that.  The moral of the story - my brand is working.  Pink is a part of me and my brand.  And it is recognized.  

In the creative world it is easy to compare yourself to others and to think, am I enough?  Now, this concept can be saved for another time but the point is this : Stay true to you and you have no competition.

I promise you will be better for it.  Whether you are a business owner, a creative, a mom, a wife, whatever it may be.  When you let your heart shine true to you it will get noticed.

Food for thought as I send you off into your {tutu} Tuesday - - 

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself"

<George Bernard Shaw>