Tutu Tuesday

Girly?  Yes.  Glamorous?  Absolutely.  Obnoxious?  Maybe, at times.  Obsessed?  Beyond.

You’ve probably noticed something about me… I love tulle.  Tulle skirts (i.e. tutus) to be exact.  I recently had a revelation that they have quickly become an icon of POSH PR and my brand.  I never seriously considered wearing them to my events or weddings.  I always thought they would be something fun that I would wear outside of the “office” or for special occasions.  

And then this happened… One of my brides requested that I wear one of my famous pink tutus while coordinating her wedding!  It matched her colors perfectly, so, why not.  Shortly after, another bride asked if she could pick out a coordinating colored tutu for her wedding, too!  You see where I am going with this….

Tutu Tuesday was then adopted and the rest is history.   In a way, tutus are my uniform!  I don’t have to think about what I am wearing to an event.  Grab my tutu, pick a coordinating shirt from Cake For Breakfast and I am out the door.  This makes my life SO much easier!  They are also super comfortable and easy to move around in.  

If you wanted to know… I now have 6 tutus of all lengths and colors.  Thanks to my gorgeous brides for making my tutu dreams come true.  

I leave you with this - - my favorite quote from my sweet bride, Megan - - 

“If you need her she’s the one in a tutu.”



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