2015 Reflection & Goals

Reflection : serious thought or consideration. 

This sums up the last few days in the POSH PR studio.  Exactly one year ago today I wrote my first ever blog post.  I had zero followers.  Zero clients.  Just a dream and a big heart.  I shared with you my business and personal goals for the year.  I can honestly say that I completed ALMOST every single one of my 2014 goals.  At that time I thought the things I was writing down were “too big” of a dream.  I honestly did not think it was possible.  Today, with happy tears in my eyes, I am so thankful.  I am thankful that last year POSH PR booked 19 brides!  I am thankful that you believed in me.  I am thankful that because of you, I can do what I love every single day!

So, what’s in store for 2015?  Here are my business goals:

1 - Grow The Caroline Doll Shop, introduce new items and find new stockists

2 - Execute monthly photo shoots for new and fresh images and inspiration

3 - Continue the planning process and paperwork for my non-profit

4 - Weekly conference calls to keep my team in the loop with what’s happening

5 - Finish rebranding POSH PR and mail exciting announcement {hint: let’s party!}

6 - Grow my relationship with Bloomingdales

7 - Blog : every week, at least!

8 - Become more confident with floral design

9 - Attend 3 workshops/conferences to continue to learn and grow

10 - Host my very own workshop

11 - Continue to improve upon my “client experience” offerings in order to provide my brides and clients with the best possible POSH PR experience

12 - Share my story

13 - Get featured! 

In one short year I grew more than I ever have.  As a business owner, as a woman of God, and as a leader.  I took risks.  I took chances.  I prayed a lot.  I wish the same for you, sweet friend.  Whatever you dream is - it is NOT too big.  Find your purpose and go for it.  Happy New Year!!!

{Lots of love, sparkle, and candy pink kisses}