Creative @ Heart

Sweet friends, today I share with you an experience that has forever changed my heart : attending the Creative @ Heart conference!  

A conference designed to foster growth, build purposeful community, and Inspire the hearts of like-minded creatives.  Wow.  When I read those words I was blown away.  I knew I had to be a part of that.

You will never believe what happened next : I mentioned that I wanted to attend this conference to a few colleagues.  ALL of them were confused.  They asked me why I would want to attend a conference that ANOTHER event planner was hosting?  Won't your competition be there?  Why would you support them?  The questions continued.  The doubt grew!  What was I doing?!

I then read this verse and it became clear: "We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us."  Romans 12:6

{Thanks for the image, Kat!}

{Thanks for the image, Kat!}

Friends, the reason I attended C@H was this : I had been yearning to build a purposeful community among like-minded creatives - including other event planners!  Along with attending, POSH PR was also a sponsor and gave away items from The Caroline Doll Shop!  It was so awesome to share my love of designing beautiful things with you all!  {PS: I have loved seeing all of your instagram posts!}

The truth is this : we are all given different gifts.  We are all very different!  It is a blessing to have friends in this community and it was an absolutely beautiful experience.  Not only did I make new event planner friends at the conference, I learned from some incredible creatives.  {True story : I sort of freaked out when I met Bonnie Bakhtiari!  She is amazing!}  We encouraged each other.  We shared stories.  We laughed, we cried!

Thank you, Kat & Taylor!  Thank you for bringing our creative community together.  Thank you for your commitment to building others up!  Thank you for being so selfless.  We truly are better together!



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