Balloon Story

Most of you know me as a wedding planner or the girl who has a strange obsession with wearing tutus.  However, a growing number of you know me as the owner of The Caroline Doll Shop - - a shop that I founded to share with you the things that bring me the most happiness.

Whenever we sell one of our balloon kits I get really excited.  I love putting together these orders because I know how happy these kits will make others.  I know that these balloon kits are used as a focal point at events and represent happy times.  Since we have recently seen a growing number of sales from our balloon kits {yay!} I figured I would share with you the real truth behind my love of balloons.  Get excited...

A little background information : I went to the same Christian school in Louisville, KY from elementary school until I graduated high school, Christian Academy of Louisville.  I know what you are thinking, a small Christian school in the country.  Actually, no - - my school was (and still is) bigger than most colleges.  I even went to school with the children of famous jockeys.  I will never forget the day when Pat Day was one of our lunch volunteers.  I was in elementary school and he drew a happy face on my chicken paddy with ketchup.  True story.

Every year on Valentine's Day the senior class would sell red and pink balloons to the entire school in order to raise money.  This was a big deal.  There was a lot of hype on Valentine's Day over these balloons.  On top of this hype, the seniors would personally deliver these balloons throughout the day.  You would be sitting in English class and there would be a knock on the door.... "Balloon delivery for Caroline Birgmann!"  Brilliant marketing if you ask me.  Over the years the amount of balloons that you received became a measure of your popularity.  

Some logistical information : the balloons were only $1 and you could send a balloon along with a "private" message....  That actually was not private at all.  You could also send anonymous balloons, which leads me to my next point.  My sweet mother.  Every year she would send me balloons on Valentine's Day.  And every year she would make sure I received the most balloons out of all of my friends.  And every year I did.  I would get so many balloons {between 30 and 50} on Valentine's Day that I would have to be picked up in multiple vehicles after school in order to accommodate said balloons.  

It was amazing.

To this day I still love balloons.  And I always will.

PS - I would like to thank my mother for the success of the balloon kits in The Caroline Doll Shop. Without her sending me an egregious amount of balloons on Valentine's Day each year, I would not be here today.  Or, something like that.  So, thanks, momma!