Reflect on your INTENTION

Something truly beautiful happened yesterday.

Let me start off by painting this real life picture for you : This has been a very exciting time for POSH PR.  I have been especially excited this week prepping for the launch of our NEW items for The Caroline Doll Shop, which happens on Valentine's Day!  We have also been gearing up for our Spring weddings!  Needless to say, there has been a whole lot of work going on and not a lot of sleep....

On that note, I did something out of the norm for me yesterday.  I woke up at 6am (not that, that is pretty standard, unfortunately!) and poured my first cup of coffee by 7am and began my day.  At 3pm, after 8 straight hours of work (and feeling like I was getting nowhere!) I decided that in order to best serve my brides, my clients, and my dolls who purchase from The Caroline Doll Shop, I needed to be mentally zen, if you will, and destroy some of this stress.  What happened next?  Two words : HOT YOGA.  {Side Note: There was a time a few years ago when I went to a hot yoga class every day.  However, I haven't seen the inside of a gym, or yoga studio, since then. And, yes, I am in the category of those who pay a ridiculous amount of money to belong to a gym that they never go to.  Like ever.}

Want to know the worst part?  The entire way to my hot yoga class I was mad at myself.  How could you stop working when you are this busy?!  What is wrong with you?!  Do you want your business to fail?!  Extreme, I know... However, I found exactly what I was searching for in that 60 minutes of sweat and tears.

"Reflect on your INTENTION.  Be still.  Be present.  Be right here in this very moment.  The only place where life exists."  

These were the magical and beautiful words that my yoga instructor said yesterday.  Wow.  She was right.  I realized something as I was still, in the moment, in the present, in Savasana : You know what moment I have been living in?  The "how many likes can I get on Instagram" moment and I overlook the beauty of my business evolving and growing.  And the "oh my gosh I have to check my phone every second" moment and I ignore the real beauty of life right in front of me.  Or the "I have to make my bride's wedding day perfect" moment and I overlook the joy of true love.  That's not real, friends!  These moments are not real.  

Purpose, not perfection.  Finding joy and happiness every single day.  I want to continue to build my business on a foundation that has a strong core and a strong message.  I never want to forget this journey.  I want to live in this moment.  I want to live for today.  To my fellow boss ladies, do something for you to find the true joy in your life and in your business!  I promise you will be a better YOU for your clients when you do!

Needless to say, I have a date with hot yoga every week.



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