Best Business Slogan

It was such an honor to be recognized in Richmond Magazine’s Best/Worst Issue as having the best business slogan : Champagne is always the answer!  Thanks, y’all, for voting!  It was such an unexpected surprise!

Champagne has always been an important part of my life.  In fact, it was the first alcoholic beverage I ever had.  When I was younger my mom would make me a Champagne/Sprite cocktail to use for toasts with the family on various holidays (sorry, mom, I just told the world you let me drink as a child…heavy Sprite I’m sure) - - I always viewed Champagne as a luxury and something that meant celebrations and happy occasions.

When I started POSH PR I knew that the events and weddings I wanted to be a part of would be a celebration of love life and happiness.  The times in our life that we should cherish and hold on to the most.  I couldn’t think of a better slogan and icon for my business!  I love hearing the “POP of a Champagne bottle to this day!  

So, thank you, dolls, for voting for me.  Thank you for believing in me.  And thank you for making this dream business of mine a reality.  I love you all!  *CHEERS*



Caroline Kalentzos