Stop Chasing Perfect - Start Chasing Purpose

I have been getting some incredibly encouraging feedback after my post on the Making Things Happen conference.  < < Y’all are the best.  Thank you for your love and support! > >  

So, I wanted to elaborate on the three takeaways that I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Today, I will address the first one - - Stop Chasing Perfect And Start Chasing Purpose.

I mentioned that this has been a struggle my entire life - - because it truly, truly has.  Even to this day I need things to be “perfect” in my house, my business, my life.  I feel that if everything on the outside is perfect, then maybe that will fix things on the inside.  Well, it doesn’t.  Chasing perfection is extremely exhausting.   It makes you feel that you are never good enough as you are.  Friends, if there is one thing that you take away from this post it is this: You are worthy today.  You do not have to wait until things are perfect to be happy and live a life filled with purpose.

Purpose for me is probably different for you.  For me, it is spending time with my family, cuddling my three dogs, sitting in the sun on my rooftop terrace, spending time with God everyday, seeing my sweet brides smile on their wedding day, encouraging and empowering women.  < < Purpose is not perfect > >

From my devotional this morning:

Jesus has never asked us to be perfect.  He simply wants us perfectly surrendered.  My imperfections are safely resting in the reality of His perfection.  And I simply press on by continuing to say yes moment by imperfect moment… day by imperfect day.

Brides, I know that you are all searching for the “perfect” wedding day.  I know this because I have been there too.  Most of you feel that if that one day is perfection, then you will live happily ever after.  But, the truth is, if you have found your true love, you are already living happily ever after.  Love is happily ever after.  Love is purpose.