Making Things Happen

Y'all - - Today’s post is going to get personal.  

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Lara Casey's "Making Things Happen" Conference that took place the past two days in Chapel Hill.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I figured that I would grow and change, to some extent, (I mean, the conference is called “making things happen”) but figured it would be directly related to my business.  I came prepared to talk business, not personal life.  Boy, was I wrong…. 

The women who led this conference are not only industry leaders, but leaders of Christ.  I was totally blown away by their stories and their courage.  I could totally relate to Emily Ley as she started to share her life and felt totally connected to Rhi's story as well.  It was refreshing to see that people that I admire and look up to also have had to struggle along the way.  I was completely blown away by the courage of the ladies that attended the conference with me - - I signed up alone but left with friends that I know I will have forever.  Frances Liu, I am talking about you! 

I had the honor of being in Nancy Ray's small group.  Let me just say, if you thought you liked her before (as you stalked her on social media like me) …. once you meet her, you will be forever changed.  She is everything that I strive to be in business, faith, marriage (one day), and in life.  She is the definition of the word inspiration.  And, her husband is a pretty smart cookie when it comes to finance!  I was really inspired to live a life with less “stuff” and more meaning…. I will chat more about that later!

This conference changed my soul.  I realized exactly who I am at the core.  I am a woman of God, an inspirational leader, and a powerful encourager of women.  I realized something pretty incredible about myself as well.  I am accepting that my pain and my past can help change lives.  I was overwhelmed by the support of this group.  The hugs, tears, laughter, and stories that we all shared will never be forgotten. 

candy pink kisses