Make it with LOVE

"Make it with love and your customer feels it.  That's the only way to do it." The Glitter Plan

As most of you know, the first phase of items for The Caroline Doll Shop launched on my absolute favorite holiday, Valentine's Day!  It has been so much fun designing girly products for glamorous dolls!  I have been so overwhelmed with your love and support throughout this new journey!

The truth is, I never had any intentions of selling my items!  These items were made purely out of love fro my brides and clients.  To this day I maintain that this is the very reason why my shop has been so successful thus far: every item was designed, packaged, and created with lots and lots of love. 

The Caroline Doll Shop originated when I started to really focus on my client experience.  Some of my brides would book their Day of Coordination service over a year in advance - - I needed to make sure they felt loved along the way!  So, I started to design fun party items to mail them every month.  It was the absolute best feeling in the world to see all of the excited texts and Instagram posts about their surprise gift!

Starting my online boutique truly made me feel like I was doing exactly what I should be doing. Designing products that are pink and girly and filled with love to brighten someone's day.  

On that note, if you learn anything at all from this: Passion and love - - you can not pretend to have these things.  Your clients will feel the love if you are passionate and believe in your product/service!  That, my friends, is real success!