Champagne Is Always The Answer


Exciting news - -  My motto for my life and for my business is officially trademarked!  Eek!

Ever since I was little there was one sound that made me the most excited - - the sound of a champagne bottle opening and friends and family toasting in high spirits.  To me, champagne represents a celebration and is a nostalgic symbol of the happy times in my life.

Every year around the holidays, when I was younger, my mom would always add a touch of champagne to my flute of sprite so I felt like I was a part of the fun toasts at dinner.  To this day my favorite cocktails include champagne - if I had to choose one favorite it would be a French 75!  PS: If you try to order this at a bar, 9 times out of 10 you will be explaining to the bartender how to make it....

During client meetings I always offer champagne to sip on during our sessions.  As a wedding planner I am also part therapist, to be honest.  Which, I LOVE.  It is incredible to connect with my brides on another level.  With that being said, my solution so somewhat sticky situations has always been champagne.  I am not saying that is always the best solution, but it definitely works!

If one of my brides is stressed, we meet for champagne.  If a doll dates client of mine is celebrating a milestone, we drink champagne.  If I am excited about a new opportunity with POSH PR, we drink champagne.  

To be honest, it isn't really about the alcohol - - it is about the sound of cork popping, the clinking of the glasses, and the celebratory feel that champagne represents.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good glass of almond champagne... But, what I love most is the celebration - the party - the fun - the happy times.

I am sure it doesn't surprise you that my business slogan is Champagne Is Always The Answer. ((Which actually was recognized in Richmond Magazine as the Best Business Slogan in 2014!))  Today will be a day I will always remember.  I made the investment to protect myself and my business.  As a creative and a small business owner, this is so important.  It has been an extremely long and exhausting process, but I officially own the trademark to my slogan, Champagne Is Always The Answer!

To my girl boss friends - - it is totally worth the investment to protect your brand!  If you have any questions about this process I am more than happy to help!

lots of love and candy pink kisses,