I have a confession to make...

Most of you do not realize this quality of a business owner: we are really really ridiculously hard on ourselves.

I was beyond tired from a weekend filled with wedding planning activities, but had 99 new emails and projects and to-do lists and a car filled to the brim with wedding décor - - and it all just seemed endless.  I needed a break.  I needed one day to myself.  Sunday was that day for me - - I didn't check my email, I rested, and recovered after a non-stop weekend.  I spent time with loved ones and played with my dogs.  

Monday morning it all hit me - - I had EVEN MORE piled up and I was feeling super overwhelmed. I now had 127 emails (after removing the junk) and was so mad at myself.  I was so mad that I didn't work on Sunday.  I was so mad that I let this pile up.  I was so mad that I didn't post the perfect picture on social media.  I was so mad that I let myself rest.

Do you ever get so upset with yourself that somehow you jump to the conclusion that your business is going to fail?!  Yeah.  I did that yesterday. 

My day wasn't a total wash - - I stayed focused (and calm!) and worked 10 straight hours.  I got a lot done!  And then late night it hit me, I didn't post anything on social media.  I was able to service my clients and tend to their needs and workflows, but I didn't post anything on Instagram.  For the first time in MONTHS it said that my last post was 3 days ago - - that little 3d in the top right corner was staring right at me and making me beyond frustrated.

Friends!  Why did I let this happen to myself?!  I stopped and prayed for peace.  And it worked.

Words of advice....

1.   Your business is NOT going to fail if you do not post a perfect Instagram picture every day.

2.  You are WORTH MORE than being stressed out all of the time.

3.  When you need to - - Take a break!  And DO NOT feel bad for it!  You deserve it.

4.  Quit being so hard on yourself!  

5.  Stay focused on your purpose and you will do beautiful things.

Today is another day.  A fresh start.  A new beginning.  Stay focussed, work hard, and pray often. 



PS: Happy TUTU TUESDAY sweet dolls!