Oh, hey doll!

People always ask me why I operate my business social media page as The Caroline Doll and not POSH PR.  

So, on to the real question - - Where did "doll" come from?  To me, the word "doll" is a term of endearment, a fun nickname, a girly way to say hello - - I call my friends, my followers, my assistants, and even my boyfriend "doll" - - 

The real reason?  When I began this journey of owning a creative small business I knew that I would wear many hats. I also knew that my business would cater to many different types of people and needs. Furthermore, I knew I wanted to work with my clients on a personal level - - I wanted them to run to POSH PR saying "you HAVE to plan my wedding!" or "there's no one else who can pull this event off besides you!" or "I want EVERYTHING in your shop!"

I made the decision to re-brand and design my brand around me.  Not in a selfish way, but in a way that communicated the true meaning of being a client of POSH PR.  Being unique and 100% me was scary - - that may sound silly to you, but it made me lose followers at times, but has built a tribe of even more loyal followers who 100% love the things that I love.  Which, is really cool!

What you may not know.... There are five subsidiaries of POSH PR!  (I know, right?!)

The PR Side - - The real reason why POSH PR even began!  This side of the business offers a collection of services that are specifically tailored to our clients including: Marketing, PR, Branding, Social Media, and Brand Spokesperson/Ambassador.

The BRIDE Side - - We offer a variety of wedding planning and design services from day of coordination to full service planning!

The EVENTS Side - - We love working with non-profits in order to plan fundraisers and galas that benefit our community!  Our signature event consists of walking the red carpet and sipping champagne.

The ONLINE BOUTIQUE - - The Caroline Doll Shop is so much fun!  Being able to design fashion infused party goods that are pink and gold and oh so chic makes my heart happy!

The COACHING Side - - Our Doll Dates series is a personal, one-on-one business coaching session for the creative entrepreneur!

With so many subsidiaries and hats - - operating under The Caroline Doll was a business decision that I am glad I made.  

And, naturally, you can find the phrase "hey doll" on a lot of items that we design in The Caroline Doll Shop!  

See you dolls next time!