How to maintain a loyal tribe... the LV way!

I debated whether or not to share these photos.

Honestly, I was afraid of what others would think of me - then I realized that I preach all the time about being 100% authentic and if you stay true to yourself you have no competition... and well, this is authenticity at its finest. I love and adore Louis Vuitton! I always have. My dog is even named Louis Vuitton! You know what? This is a brand that has a loyal tribe of followers. It made me think - what are they doing that I can do as a small business to maintain my tribe?  Here are my thoughts:



No matter what city you are in, every single time you walk into a Louis Vuitton store you know exactly what to expect.  The brand maintains their consistency from their visuals in the windows, the music that is playing, the ambiance, lighting, and even the way the staff approaches and speaks to you.  Every little detail is accounted for and consistent. 

As a small business owner, brand consistency is crucial to success.  It creates a clear and concise message that is important for potential clients to understand.  It helps you find your true followers and the ones who will be loyal to you.  As a creative, I know that changing your brand happens and it is an evolving process.  However, finding your core values and staying true to your heart brings consistency and a well structured brand.

Excellent Quality & Service

When it comes to quality and service, LV is top notch.  Their bags truly last forever.  I received my first bag at a young age (I know, right?  I was destined for being high maintenance - kidding!) and I still use it as my makeup bag to this day!  It is about 15 years old!  Quality is not an issue when it comes to Louis Vuitton.  Furthermore, their customer service is beyond accommodating.  If anything at all happens to the quality of your bag, they take these issues very seriously and will handle accordingly.

Every service that POSH PR offers has a high quality of customer service.  For example, in The Caroline Doll Shop, I will do whatever it takes to maintain customer satisfaction - - from quickly responding to emails, prompt shipping, personalized packaging, order follow-ups, and product check-in emails.  I want to give the complete experience of buying a product from my boutique.  I want my customers to feel like they know me and feel the love with every item they purchase.  To me, that is what sets my online boutique apart.  

Never Compromises Brand

Did you know that at the end of every season Louis Vuitton does not discount their unsold bags? Instead, then BURN them!?  Yes, gorgeous LV bags get taken by a truck and are burned in an unknown location (trust me, if I knew I would totally be following that truck!)  

At first I thought this was insanity.  Now, I think it is the most brilliant marketing and brand positioning ever.  LV will never lower their price.  They believe that their customers should pay them for what they are worth, if not, they aren't the right fit for them.  Wow.  What a message.  I tell my clients in my doll dates series to price themselves accordingly and what they are worth.  Never negotiate your worth.  I love this message and think it applies perfectly to small business owners.

Who thought there was so much to learn from being a loyal LV shopper!?