Lifestyle & Fashion Expert

The path that my creative business has taken is by far one of the scariest yet rewarding experiences of my life!

NEVER in nine million years did I think I would represent a PR client who would give me this title: Lifestyle & Fashion Expert!

I am so excited to share with you the link to the first segment on Virginia This Morning!  This segment went live early last month right before the holidays.  I was totally in my element as I was given the task of pulling items from Stony Point Fashion Park (a boutique mall here in Richmond, VA!) in order to design the perfect holiday tablescapes!  I partnered with brands like Tiffany & Co., Sur La Table, Restoration Hardware, and Anthropologie, just to name a few!  And, in true Caroline Doll fashion, I'm rocking my Bliss Tulle skirt!  

I know what you are thinking.  Wow. Glamorous right?  Anyone who has a love for fashion + PR would dream for a role like this one.  

Let me tell you a secret about something you don't see on camera and in my Instagram posts.... the sweat and tears behind the scenes.  I like to show you all the "pretty" on Instagram and social media.  Because there is SO MUCH PRETTY!  And, obviously, that's the fun part!  However, the hustle is real, friends. Do you want to know how many doors closed before this one opened?  A lot!  And I kept on pushing forward and did not give up... and then the RIGHT doors started to open.

When POSH PR was featured on Best Friends For Frosting they captured this quote so perfectly: Start Small And Set Goals.  I love this.  If I had to add anything to it, it would be this: And Don't Take No For An Answer!

We are all in this together friends!  Keep moving forward towards your goals!

PS: We will be taping the next CBS 6 segment THIS THURSDAY promoting all things healthy at Stony Point Fashion Park! Eek!  Stay tuned....



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