Pretty Tough

Are you pretty tough?

It doesn't happen often... down time.  The time I get to spend doing the things that I love.  This sounds like what I do for a living right?!  Truthfully, this is why I end up "working" so much, but let's save that for another blog post!  Ironically enough, when I do have some "down time" you can find me searching for inspiration in a fashion book or fashion magazine.  I am constantly trying to keep my creative juices flowing.  (Hey, it's hard to turn off your brand when you LIVE your brand!)

So then this happened... While scanning through my InStyle Magazine I came across this page and it actually made me laugh. What a paradox, right?! Pretty AND tough? AMEN!  As a savvy business owner in a creative world we all strive to produce "pretty" for our clients. We all want the prettiest photos on our Instagram feeds. We are always looking for the #pretty to be inspired by.  We all wish to be a leader of creative pretty-ness.

Hey, I am the first to admit that I chase pretty.  It's true.  I am a chaser of the oh so perfect Instagram photo and you know what?  That's okay!  I am not ashamed of the desire to be an inspiration to others in one way or another.  

Which leads me to my next thought - - FRIENDS: It is hard to produce pretty content every single day!  I admire other boss lady creatives who share a little something pretty each and every day to inspire us all.

However, this is what we forget at times - - we forget that behind all that pretty we are strong and fierce and TOUGH! Running a small business is no joke!  Being "on brand" at all times is no joke!  The blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe I am exaggerating slightly, but you get the point!) that goes into our business makes us all tough.  Makes us all fighters.  Makes us all creative leaders.

So, cheers to you - - you are PRETTY TOUGH, sweet friend!

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