European Trip + Social Media Lessons

To all of my lady boss friends who plan to travel in the near future... this one is for you!

The past 12 days I took time to rest, reflect and actually live in the moment... and not through that perfect social media lens! 

I am finally home from a long European getaway with my fiancé to Italy + Greece! It was my FIRST time in Europe and I can not even put into words how amazing of an experience it was.

Full disclosure: I was fully prepared to work most of the time we were there. However, the universe had other plans for my time... You see, the wifi situation, was NOT amazing. Although I had pre-scheduled my posts and connected with my clients before leaving, I was not able to be as productive as I had hoped.

And let me tell you how much of a blessing that was! I was actually able to let go.

I wasn't glued to my phone checking my inbox every two seconds. 

I was able to spend quality time with family and friends.

I enjoyed the scenery and embraced the new culture.

I wasn't looking to style an Instagram post everywhere we went.

I was living my life for the sole purpose of existing and learning and exploring.

And I felt so free!

It was also a bit scary to let go like this. Now, don't get me wrong, I definitely found wifi at times at was able to check-in and schedule a few posts. But, it made me re-think my strategy with limited amounts of time to connect. I realized that I could still keep up with the world while enjoying the new world in front of me! In fact, I even gained new followers while I was away, and posting less content!

How did I do it?

Here's my top 5 tips to growing your social media accounts while traveling: 

Add your location.

When you post an image, be sure to add your location! I can't tell you how many times I've searched by location when traveling and found new social media accounts to follow.  

Update your hashtag list.

You know that long list of hashtags you post in the very first comment on Instagram? Update them to be geared towards the new city you are in! You can even do a search for top hashtags in your area.

Work for that re-gram.

There are specific travel accounts that search for their favorite images to re-post! Use hashtags such as #BeautifulDestinations, #PassionPassport, and #WorldCaptures, just to name a few.


Connecting with other creatives in another city is a super fun way to meet new people AND grow your social media accounts! Especially if you collaborate on a project or simply tag each other in a post at the coffee shop you meet at. 

Share your images.

Did you absolutely love the boutique hotel you stayed in? Email the general manager your photos and let them know they can absolutely post these on their social media accounts, and make sure they tag you! Or, tag them in your posts. I sent our hotel in Italy a few of my photos taken on their property and they have already shared one!


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