5 Ways To Live Stress Free

Well, it's that time of the year again! For event and wedding planners, this is the busiest time of all. 

Not only do we have an influx of weddings, we are also prepping for the holiday season (personally and professionally) and trying to find a healthy balance of family and work. Last year was an absolute whirlwind for POSH PR®. With that in mind, I have been working on being intentional with my work and with my time off. 

Here are a few things that I am working on this season that I believe may help YOU too!


Simplify everything! Your desk, your systems, your life. Create a space that has the essentials of what you need for yourself and your business. By clearing out the physical clutter you help your brain feel less busy, plus you spend less time cleaning up items you don’t necessarily need. Create systems for your home and business that keep tasks simple and efficient. Don’t overload your calendar and then feel stressed about having so much to do. Pick out the most important things and make those happen!

Ask For Help.

As much as we want to believe we can do it all, we can’t. It’s ok to ask for help, everyone needs it! Identify the things in your business that aren’t your strong suit and delegate those out. This allows you to use your time much more efficiently and over all get more work done. By allowing someone else to work on the parts of your business that they specialize in, you are giving yourself permission to work on more intentional projects or relationships with others in your industry. 

Be An Earlier Riser.

The earlier I get up in the morning, the more work I seem to complete. By being an early riser my energy level is higher and I am more focused in the morning. Another advantage to being an early riser is that the office phone hasn’t started ringing and emails aren’t coming in yet. This allows me to finish up other work or projects before the busyness of the day to day work starts! 

Make A List.

I absolutely love taking advantage of writing a short list (along with a long list!). By writing out the three most important tasks that I need to get done each day I am making the daunting longer list feel manageable. So, instead of feeling as if the list will go on forever and I won’t get anything done, I will at least know that I knocked out what was most important first and the rest will still be there for later! 

Just Breathe.

Find something you are passionate about and pour your heart into it! Maybe you need to spend more time on yourself or with your husband or fur babies! Identify what makes you feel happy and relaxed and work those things into your schedule. By creating time to rest, we are filling ourselves up with new energy and passion.

Remember, you are not in this alone! 


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