What You Need To Know About Chasing Your Dreams

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I have to be honest with you - - sometimes fear wins.

It tricks my mind into thinking my dreams aren’t possible or even reachable. Fear sometimes convinces me that my dreams are too big.  But, lately I have been thinking a lot about this.

You know what I've decided? Fear doesn’t get to win anymore!

If you don’t chase after your dreams, who will? You are responsible for the things you want to accomplish. No one is going to do it for you. Only you can seek your goals. So, start small and make a list. Put the most important tasks at the top and work down from there.

Don’t wait for the “right” time. There is no right time, there is only the now! If we don’t start now then we never will. There will always be something else that needs to be done or that we think takes priority but it is important that we follow our hearts and do the things that make us happy.

Here’s a few more tips on how to start following your dreams and making your "champagne life" happen:


I didn't say it would be easy... Dedicate time in your schedule to work on a big project. If you put it down on paper, it’s more likely to get done! I like to schedule various tasks on my calendar months in advance. That way, when my calendar starts to look a little crazy with appointments and events, I already have the time for my goals set aside. This really helps during your industry busy season, like wedding season, for example! 


Ask a friend if they will hold you accountable. Share with them your ideas and ask them to check in with you to ensure you are working towards them. Every year I post my goals on various social media outlets in order to hold myself accountable. I promise, your followers will totally check in with you and encourage you along the way!


Where do you want to be in one month, six months, or one year?  You have the power to make the things that matter to you happen. It is really that simple! The second you take your life back into your own hands, that very second you start to truly live your life for you!

So, my advice for you is this: get started today. Don’t let anything stop you. Fight for the things you are most passionate about! There’s no time like the present.


Did you reach one of your goals? Reward yourself! Every week I put $50 into a special savings account that I pull from to reward myself when I reach certain goals. Last week, for example, I reached a client booking goal and bought myself a new Valentino bag. Because, why not?! 

Feeling inspired to start working towards your goals?! I am totally cheering you on!


The Caroline Doll

(Photo via pinterest)