Home Office: How To Be Productive

Tips for staying creative + productive in your home office from the CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll! 

My goal for 2017 is to build a business where I can work from anywhere.  With clients all over the country, I need to be able to work while traveling and actually be productive!  The same is true if you work from home.  Sometimes staying focused can be tricky!  There are so many things that compete for our attention. In order to stay on track and be productive, I follow a few tried and true tips!

Set Hours

This is a big one! In order to set boundaries for yourself and your clients, having set business hours is crucial. When you clearly state your business hours to your clients, they are aware of when to expect an answer from you and will respect the hours you are not in the office. When you clearly state your business hours to YOURSELF, you are allowing breathing room! You will know that you have a certain amount of time to get things done and then leave work in the office at the end of the day!

Block Schedule

Take the time to schedule tasks during your said business hours. If you have meetings during the day, block out time in between those meetings so you can work on big projects or upcoming events. This may mean you need to ignore your phone for an hour or stay out of your inbox! By scheduling specific times for certain tasks, you are more focused and can in turn be more productive at home!

Have An Inspiring Workplace

Carve out a space in your home that is your dedicated workplace. If you don't have a full room that can be used, find a small nook where you can set yourself up for success! Design your space with things that inspire you! This may be a favorite photograph, a motivational art print, or a cute mug. Anything that fires you up should be included in this workspace! By creating an area that you are excited to work in, you become more focused on your work because you will enjoy being there!

Dress Up

This is another great one! Sure, it's easy to roll out of bed and head straight to your office in pajamas or yoga pants. You might even think that by staying in more comfortable clothes you are better suited for the day. I believe, however, in dressing up for the day! By putting on clothes that I would wear to an office out of the house, I put myself into work mode! I feel more confident and ready to take on the day when I take the time put on something I feel great in.

Start applying these tips to your work from home game and get ready to take your productivity to the next level!