High Fashion Engagement Shoot

A sneak peak into the high-fashion + romantic engagement photoshoot with Hope Taylor Photography and The Caroline Doll!

I can’t believe it has been almost a full week since I became a MRS! Okay, to be quite honest, the best part about being here in Santorini is hearing Costa introduce me as his WIFE! AND, of course, seeing all of the GORGEOUS wedding photo sneak peeks from last weekend that Hope keeps sending me!  

I am still totally amazed by this incredible engagement shoot with Hope Taylor Photography that took place exactly one week ago! In order to kick off our wedding weekend, Hope took Costa and I to the capital building in Richmond, Virginia for a few sweetheart photos before family arrived and our timeline was in full execute mode. 

Hope has this way of making all of her brides (and grooms!) feel super comfortable in front of the camera.  Even brides like me who hire Hope for my clients, I was nervous going into our wedding weekend.  And especially grooms like Costa who are not as comfortable in front of the camera.  She is SO good at telling him what he needs to be doing while we shoot as well as capturing some of the more natural and candid moments.

When choosing a photographer to work with for my brides or even my branding/PR clients, it is SO important that you trust the photographer you are working with and that you two are on the same page with the overall expectations and end result for the shoot.  I always know that every photo she takes is going to be breathtaking, but these pictures easily surpassed my expectations!! Seriously, she's amazing!

Here's a few of my my favorites from our high fashion engagement photoshoot at the Richmond Capitol.  Be sure to head on over to Hope's Blog to see more!

Caroline Doll Engagement Photo 1

This is probably my all time favorite from this shoot! From all of the details Hope was able to highlight so well to Costa's expression, I just love this shot! Like I said, Hope can easily make any couple feel relaxed in front of the camera, but the way she captured us so naturally truly amazes me!!

Caroline Doll Engagement 2

EEK my new initial!! And of course, I had to throw a pop of pink in here somewhere!

Caroline Doll Engagement 3

Hope knows how much I love “light, bright, and airy” lifestyle photos and she absolutely nailed it with this one!

Caroline Doll Engagement 6

These pink + white roses actually give me the biggest smile!! (And seeing how in love Costa and I are in this photo makes me pretty happy too!)

Caroline Doll Engagement 7

I love a perfect blush + gold color palette so mixing one of my favorite bags with those beautiful flowers made all of the whites even better! And of course, wearing the Louis Vuitton bag Costa bought for me in Italy last year!  PS: His idea!

Caroline Doll Engagement 8

Just when I think Hope couldn’t impress me more, she completely out does herself with these beautiful photos! Hope, thank you for being such a wonderful photographer and friend, I’m so in love with this shoot!

You can check out Hope’s Blog for more of our engagement session and all of her other work as well!!

PS: Happy Birthday HOPE!

Have a great weekend, dolls!!

XO The Caroline Doll