5 Things We're Loving This Week!

Welcome, dolls…and happy Tutu Tuesday!

Last week was a busy, productive, excitement-filled one here at The Caroline Doll blog + POSH PR®! Between an important event and the fabulous birthday party for our sweet Caroline, our “to-do” list seemed never-ending! However, despite all the fun, chaotic activity of last week, we did come away with a few (hundred…), new favorite things! These pretty and stylish new inspirations not only brightened our weekend, but gave us so many ideas for future events. Although we’ve shortened the list quite a bit, here are 5 new things we’re loving this week.

1.  Letter Balloons

These fabulous party additions add just the right amount of shine to any type of décor! These lovely balloons not only come in a variety of shades—including our personal favorite, the metallic foil—they can, quite literally, be used to spell-out any message. From “Chanel No 30!” to “Glitter Is My Favorite Color!”, these balloons should be a must-have for every chicly-styled event!

2.  Bliss Tulle Champagne Skirt

We can personally vouch for both the quality and the pretty appeal of these particular tulle skirts. A personal favorite of our CEO and founder, Caroline Birgmann, Bliss Tulle skirts are definitely the way to go! Here at The Caroline Doll blog, every Tuesday is a “Tutu Tuesday” - - and we take it quite literally. Rain or shine, hot or cold, we wear tulle; consider it a weekly, quasi-celebration of all things pretty and fashion-infused! However, we realize that in the normal working-world, tutus cannot simply be worn on a whim. So, if you have an occasion for celebration—be it a birthday party, bachelorette party, or baby shower—take this as your opportunity to the lady of the hour! Rock a Bliss Tulle skirt (the champagne color is a favorite), a pair of glamorous pumps, and sport it confidently…after all, it is YOUR party!

3.  Perfume Bottle Vases

Whether you have a TON of pretty, empty perfume bottles, or simply need a quick way to enhance a drab tablescape, perfume bottle vases add a certain “je ne sais quoi” (“I don’t know what…”.) to any setting! If you already own the bottles, simply follow any of the hundreds of Pinterest “how-to's’” for turning your perfume bottles into vases. However, if you only have a few small, plain, square-ish flower vases, employ a bit of creativity and ingenuity! Use a word-processing program and your printer to create fabulously chic “perfume labels” of your own—using printable, self-adhesive labels.  Then, place them strategically around your space to create warmth and a glamorous ambiance. Oh la la! 

4.  Styled Coffee Tables

We cannot emphasize enough the impact that an elegantly styled coffee table can have on any space. In a living room, a coffee table can provide a lovely, and carefully arranged, focal point—an area that draws the eye and refreshes the senses. However, during an event, a coffee table serves an even more important function. Used in conjunction with a few chairs and a settee, it breaks a large space into smaller, cozy sitting areas—all the better for the much-needed break from dancing, AND it facilitates conversation among guests!

5.  Ban.do Unicorn Floats

Oh. My. Goodness! When Caroline opened this trendy and unique gift after her birthday, I was simply beside myself! After all, as a lover of all things pretty and fashion-infused—MOST ESPECIALLY unicorns—I could not imagine a more appropriate, and thoughtfully given, gift for her! Can you imagine it?? You’re in your favorite swimsuit, surrounded by the bluest of water, on a cloudless sunny day, in eighty-five-degree weather …floating around the pool on a UNICORN! (Ahhh!) This particular addition to our list has me dreaming of summer. To be completely honest, now that I know that these unicorns of floats DO exist (…pun intended), I want one for myself!  

There you have it, sweet friends—our five new, favorite things at The Caroline Doll blog this week! And, regardless of how last week went for you, remember that this NEW week, though not brand-new, can still mean incredible things for you and yours. As the incomparable Coco Chanel once said, “If you’re sad,” or feeling unaccomplished, “add more lipstick and attack!”. So, get out there dolls, and ATTACK—the world is your oyster!