Our Top 5 Favorites For Your "Something Blue"

As we’ve mentioned before, planning for your wedding can be overwhelming! Every detail, no matter how minute it may seem, must be carefully planned and coordinated to create a cohesive vision for your event. Consequently, it is one of our primary goals at The Caroline Doll blog to “ease your passage”. 

As the time-worn saying goes, each bride needs to include “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”—to ensure the success of her new marriage. With this in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you our top five favorite ways to showcase your special “something blue” on your big day!

1.    Jewelry

Wedding jewelry should be timeless and elegant. After all, no one wants to look back at wedding photos ten years from now, only to exclaim, “What was I thinking?”. However, your choice of wedding jewelry should also speak to who you are as a person and what you love; it should make a statement! So, why not consider switching things up a bit? Rather than sticking to traditional wedding jewels, like diamonds and pearls, consider adding a pop of blue to your adornment! Before the rise of diamonds as the predominant wedding jewel, sapphires ruled. The depth and vibrant coloring of these precious gems even attributed to them being given special meaning—they signify a sincere, deep, and abounding love. Personally, I say that we throw certain wedding traditions to the wayside, sweet friends! Sporting a flash of sapphire on your wedding day will not only make a unique and stylish statement, but also hold special meaning for you and your sweetheart…one that you’re sure to remember for years to come!

2.    Florals

Beautiful floral arrangements can instantly transform a drab reception venue into a space worthy of a fairytale—YOUR fairytale, to be exact! Nearly every wedding includes a budget for flowers, so why not allow them to pull “double duty”? Capable of much more than merely decorating a given space, they can also serve a more fundamental purpose—such as functioning as your “something blue”! Inserting a few irises, bluebells, or dusty miller into your floral arrangements is easily accomplished; and oftentimes, it makes for a less monochromatic, more well-rounded overall effect! 

3.    Monogram

If you live, or have ever lived, in the southeastern United States, then I hardly have to emphasize the effect of a well-placed monogram. However, if you’re not, you’ve simply to scroll through wedding category on Pinterest or flip through a few pages of The Knot’s latest edition to see just how far-reaching the monogram “trend” has become! From table centerpieces to cake toppers, monograms are everywhere. So, let’s take this fashionable new trend and put a more unique and sentimental spin on it! Instead of displaying your monogram for all to see, how about hiding it a little closer to your heart. One of my favorite ways to incorporate your “something blue”, is to ask your seamstress to stitch—in blue thread—your new monogram as husband and wife onto the bottom layer of your wedding dress. Not only does this allow you to hold your love close throughout your wedding day, but it’ll be an everlasting reminder of it every time you dust that box off, pull out that gorgeous dress, and reflect.

4.    Shoes

Brides often stress to no end about shoe choices for their wedding. What they seem to be forgetting, though, is that the majority of brides don long dresses on their wedding day…so shoes often aren’t as much of a focal point as they’d like to believe.  Now, that’s not to say that they aren’t important, only that they need not be painstakingly matched to your dress or desired wedding color palette. Like everything else in your wedding and reception, your bridal shoes should make a personal statement—and what better statement for them to make than to be your “something blue”! Whether you choose embellished satin pumps in cobalt, or pretty sky-blue flats, be authentic…be bold! Cinderella’s glass slippers made QUITE the statement, so why should your fairytale footwear be any different?! 

5.    Garter

Modern weddings seem to be placing less and less emphasis on garters. We see the occasional photo of the bride demurely lifting her dress to display her garter, but aside from this and the garter toss, it’s simply forgotten—just another piece of traditional frippery in an event overflowing with such things. So, rather than putting little-to-no thought in your garter, let’s reclaim this timeless wedding tradition! Instead of simply grabbing the first one to appeal to you, wearing it, and then throwing it in a closet to be forgotten, put a little more thought into your choice. A lovely white lace garter with delicate blue ribbons can really up the “style quotient” of your wedding ensemble! Although it wont be seen by everyone, you’ll love how beautiful and feminine it makes you feel; and, much like the monogram suggestion, this will ensure that you keep your “something blue” close to you all throughout your wedding day. And just wait till your sweetheart catches a glimpse of your fabulous lacey blue garter…his jaw is sure to drop! 

We realize that each wedding is as special and unique as the people it joins together. And, while we realize that all of these suggestions may not appeal to everyone, we do hope that you’ve found one that speaks to you! Happy Wedding Wednesday, sweet friends! 

Till next time….