How To Style With Gift Tags

Happy Thursday, sweet friends! You’ve almost made it through another whole week of juggling friends, career, and family!

Along with all of that, though, is the real work that goes into maintaining a neat, organized, and glamorously styled home. And, since we’ll get to the “neat” and “organized” facets of this issue in a later blog post, we’re very ready to share some styling tips with all of you! 

When styling your home, the ability to multipurpose certain items of décor is incredibly beneficial. This allows to buy and/or own fewer things, but allows you to use them with maximum impact.

When designing items for The Caroline Doll Shop the goal was to make the items beautiful, of course! But, also functional and have the ability to use them in multiple ways.

And, in the spirit of this helpful revelation, we’d like to share with you 3 fabulous ways to style your lovely gift tags from The Caroline Doll Shop!

1.    Wrap the PRETTIEST Gifts!


It’s so important to thank each person who invites you into their home, or to attend their event. Good manners are so necessary, dolls! And one of the easiest ways to really show your appreciation is with a beautifully wrapped hostess gift! Try wrapping a small box of chocolates in metallic paper, finishing it with a bright bow for a pop of color.  Regardless of what you chose to give, remember to include the beautiful, finalizing touch of a fun gift tag from The Caroline Doll Shop! It is the perfect way to add that extra touch to any thoughtful present.  Happy gifting, friends!

2.    Adorn those Champagne Bottles!

If you’re anything like us, you have quite a few champagne and wine bottles sitting on your countertops and in your cabinets. As of now, these bottles are simply taking up valuable space...waiting to be consumed. But, what if you could turn these bottles into a stylish accent for you home…? Simply use some satin ribbon in the color of your choice (…as always, we prefer pink.), and attach one of The Caroline Doll Shop’s LOVELY gift tags. Boom! Instant accent décor, to be stacked and displayed at your leisure!

3.    Chic Bookmarks for your Day Designer.

As an avid book lover and a fabulous day planner enthusiast, this particular usage for the lovely Caroline Doll Shop gift tags (which I happen to hoard) is a personal favorite! You know how you’re always losing track of your current “spot” in your favorite book or planner? You should really consider multi-purposing your gift tags as bookmarks, too! Not only will they mark your position, they’ll provide a little POP of pretty inspiration!

No matter how you feature them, any of the variety of chic gift tags (available at The Caroline Doll Shop now!) can be arranged as a stylish addition to your home! We hope some of these suggestions have helped inspire you to style yours. And tell us, sweet friends, what are YOUR favorite ways to style your pretty gift tags?!


PS: You can shop our gift tags here!