Tassels + Truffles Styling Workshop!

Oh, sweet friends…it’s finally Friday and you’ve made it through another (hopefully) productive and chaotic week! More than likely, there have been highs and lows, but you’ve emerged intact and still fabulous! And, now that you’ve taken a moment to appreciate YOUR hustle, we’d like to share an exciting new revelation that’s a result of OUR hustle.

We would like to announce that our very own creator and CEO, Caroline Birgmann, will be a featured speaker at the Building Boss Ladies team’s latest endeavor—the Tassels + Truffles School of Styling Workshop!!

Building Boss Ladies, the brainchild of creative hearts Elizabeth Ann and Emily Lawler, was formed with a mission. They wanted to form a community based on sisterhood, where female entrepreneurs could learn and connect. Now, in the latest addition to their agenda, they’ve created the Tassles + Truffles Workshop—a veritable school for creatives!  Featuring some of the community’s most influential leaders—like our sweet Caroline, and Sarah Campbell of Intrigued Experience—this event’s main purpose is to empower and educate fellow boss ladies, as well as to help them connect with others in the creative industry.

During this very hands-on event, Caroline will be speaking on The Unicorn Guide—the very guide to which we’ve dedicated the next several Monday blogs! Using the letters in the word “unicorn”, Caroline will be educating (…and entertaining!) the attendees on how to create an authentic brand, build their business, and market it—all while staying true to themselves.  

I think Caroline really emphasized the importance of events like this best when she said, “I’d been told it was lonely up top, but I never really understood that concept until I became a small business owner. You’re so concerned with every facet of your business, that you fail to remember to refresh your creative heart!”.

As she sees it, this workshop provides the opportunity for boss ladies to take a step back…recharge, refresh, and rejuvenate! And, since styling is a principle favor in what we do here, at both The Caroline Doll blog AND POSH PR®, we’re excited to be part of an event in which styling is a main focus. As I’ve said before, it’s so incredible important that you emphasize education—not only continuing to learn, but also sharing what you’ve learned from personal experience. Miss Caroline Birgmann is a FIRM believer in this concept, and is a veritable well of hard-won knowledge! We absolutely cannot wait to attend this inspiring event! Networking and learning with fellow creatives and quality leaders in the industry…it’s simply a “must-go” event! 

This unique and exciting workshop will be held at White Glove Rentals in Forest Hill, MD, on June 5th and June 6th of 2016. Tickets for the event are NOW available via the Building Boss Ladies website. Click here to purchase tickets!

We can’t wait to see y’all there!!

Till next week, Dolls!