The Black Tie Bride Feature

Happy Weddings Wednesday, Dolls…and what a sweet day it is! Have you ever encountered a work project that simply captured your heart? Sometimes our work is so much more than a career—sometimes it is a reflection of the things we love, and a source of inspiration in and of itself! 

When our sweet CEO, Caroline Birgmann, first discovered that one of her weddings was to be featured on The Black Tie Bride, she was thrilled! But, when she realized exactly whose wedding they had chosen, her feelings moved beyond her initial excitement. Not only was she ecstatic now…she was also touched. At POSH PR®, it’s not uncommon for us to get very attached to our brides; after all, they are pretty fantastic! But upon first meeting this lovely bride, Meredith, Caroline had felt an instant connection with her. As is often the case when working with a fellow creative heart, they played off of each other’s ideas and vision, inspiring their combined efforts to chic, new heights. Together, they poured heart and soul into planning this incredible event.  So, this particular wedding being recognized on a national wedding blog was beyond incredible…it gave her a sense of true fulfillment. 

Meredith’s elegant wedding, held at The John Marshall Hotel, was a fairytale vision brought to life. Following a color palette dominated by blushed neutrals, accented with pops of pink and gold, the overall effect was timeless and cohesive. The invitations, provided by English Tea Paperie, really set the tone for the event with their understated sophistication, gold foil printing, and lovely pink tulle bows. This aesthetic was then carried throughout the styling for the actual big day. Vogue Flowers did an incredible job with the florals, adhering to the previously mentioned color palette and keeping the arrangements loose, but collected. All of this allowed for the true star of the event—the GORGEOUS bride—to shine all the brighter…and goodness, did she ever (…that fabulous fur coat exit gave me ALL the feels!) Brilliantly captured by Shalese Danielle Photography, each image shares with the viewer another lovely aspect of their special day…and another glimpse into the genuine love that they share. Every moment filled with heartfelt emotion, every pretty detail carefully planned, this chic wedding was truly one for the ages.

With the majority of today’s wedding inspiration coming from sources like Pinterest and Instagram, it can be all too easy to get so caught up in what’s trendy that you lose sight of the elegant appeal of timeless design. However, at The Black Tie Bride, that could not be further from the truth! I believe that their aesthetic is best described in their motto, where they write, “We believe that Black Tie is a state of mind, not a state of budget. We believe that timeless always trumps trendy. And no matter what, there is no replacement for authenticity. Because more than anything what we believe is, classic never goes out of style."

How powerful is that beautiful sentiment, Dolls?! Moreover, it aligns perfectly with the advice that we like to share with all of our POSH PR® brides. It’s perfectly advisable to incorporate a few new trends into your wedding décor, but ultimately aim for a “timeless” look.

As Mrs. Coco Chanel liked to say, “Fashion fades. But style is eternal.”!

When you give so fully of yourself every day, it’s easy to forget the magnitude of the impact that you have on people’s lives. Here at POSH PR ® and The Caroline Doll blog, we are guilty of getting so caught-up in the NOW, that we neglect to look back and count our blessings; and counting your blessings is an instrumental step in moving gracefully and confidently toward your future. In following with this, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love every single day…you, sweet friends, are our very favorite source of inspiration! 

P.S. If you’d like to read more about our lovely bride Meredith’s elegant wedding, head over to The Black Tie Bride. We know that you’ll be just as thrilled with this gorgeous event as we were!


Caroline Kalentzos