Boss Lady Decision Fatigue

Being a boss lady is tough work, sweet friends! Each day brings with it a myriad of responsibilities—people to contact, paperwork to do, fires to put out, and decisions to make. But I really believe that it’s this last issue that proves itself the most exhausting. 

While I can’t speak for other industries, every single day in a creative business is chockfull of decisions to be finalized. Here at The Caroline Doll blog and POSH PR®, we could not be more aware of the weight of this responsibility…we see our CEO Caroline Birgmann deal with it all the time! All day long, Caroline makes decisions—design decisions for her brides, vendor decisions for The Caroline Doll Shop, and marketing and promotion decisions for her PR clients. After one particularly trying week, I asked her how she deals with it all…and she confessed that, while she’s a BOSS at making decisions for her clients, she struggles with making them in her own life. For example, when we were planning Caroline’s Chanel-themed 30th birthday party, she would weigh possibilities and fluctuate for an hour or more over a single issue—and this is a true BOSS LADY who can plan an entire event in an afternoon! To put it simply, she was exhausted. When you earn your living by making plans and decisions for other people, you certainly don’t want to go home only to have more decisions to make! 

But, never fear! Caroline would like to share a few of her own tips and tricks to help conquer your boss lady decision fatigue.

Establish A Work Uniform!

For instance, one helpful suggestion is to establish a “work uniform” for yourself. Regardless of the weather, this go-to ensemble is chic, appropriate, and easy to update with a few quick accessories. At POSH PR®, it’s true that we do like to don pretty tutus on Tuesdays. But, on most other weekdays, you’ll find us in simple, drapery black dresses and booties! 

Take A Break!

In this modern era of technology, everything is linked. Everything from work emails and contracts to messages from friends are available at the touch of a button (…or tap of a phone screen!). With this ease of availability, it can be doubly hard to leave work at work. For this problem, Caroline suggests “checking out” every now and then. Although it may give you anxiety now, simply switching your phone into “airplane” mode can lessen your stress and allow you to devote your full attention to something that restores you—like quality time with your sweetheart! But, be sure to make him decide the evening’s plans…dinner is one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

Find a mentor!

Recently, someone asked Caroline about the first thing that she does in the morning that she sees as a key to her success; they seemed a bit surprised when she gave them her answer…she calls her mom! The most significant piece of advice that Caroline has to negate boss lady decision fatigue is to find a good, trustworthy mentor. Having someone to support and counsel you on tough days is so uplifting! So, when Caroline is stressed, she calls her mom for advice. When she is on her way to an important meeting, she calls her mom for support. And, when she has an important decision to make, she calls her mom for guidance. No matter the obstacle she is facing, or how she is feeling, Caroline knows exactly where to turn…and that, sweet friends, is so incredibly reassuring!

If you’re feeling a little burned-out today, we hope that implementing a few of these suggestions will help. Take the time to replenish both yourself AND your well of creativity—then get up, dust yourself off, and get back out there! Remember Dolls, no one ever said that being a BOSSLADY would be easy…they just promised that it was worth it! 

Happy Tutu Tuesday!